Monos vs. Away

Monos vs. Away Luggage: Which Should You Buy in 2023?

[ad_1] So, you’ve decided to donate your old, cheap, hand-me-down luggage and get yourself a nice suitcase. If you’re in the market for modern, upscale luggage, odds are you’ve seen the names Monos and Away in your search. These two luggage brands are direct competitors, and both specialize in sleek, high-quality hardside suitcases. But which…

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Monos Luggage Review

Monos Luggage Review: Hype or Worth It?

[ad_1] You’re probably here because you are looking for a high-quality suitcase for your travels and want to know: is Monos luggage worth the investment? I’ve traveled to dozens of countries all over the world, and have tested suitcases from many of the best luggage brands out there, so believe me when I say I’ve…

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