Sean Cudahy

1 year until the games: What to know about booking Paris Olympics travel

Let the countdown begin. We are now one year away from the start of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Kicking off with the Olympic opening ceremony on July 26, 2024, the Olympic Games will run through Aug. 11, 2024. For both athletes and fans, the event figures to be a refreshing change of pace after…

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8 Reasons Why Kids Choose Escape Rooms As Their Number One Activity 

Are you sailing in the boat of thoughts and wondering if your kid needs one time a boost to his overall personality development?   That’s a concern for many parents for their growing youngsters in today’s tech-influenced world. But don’t worry. There is an ultimate solution to such regard; Escape room games.   Escape rooms are a…

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Introduction English is a universal language and it is understood by people all around the world. It has become an important mode of communication as well as a popular language for international business and commerce. In today’s world, having a strong knowledge of English can open up many opportunities for you, both professionally and academically….

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Commonwealth Games free travel: What time and when can you travel free of charge in Birmingham?

The Commonwealth Games are in full swing (Image: Getty Images) That Commonwealth Games 2022 are well on their way top athlete of member nations vying for gold. 2022, Birmingham is host to the Commonwealth Nations to see which country will emerge victorious open games Earlier this week with an explosive ceremony curated by Peaky Blinders…

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Six great-value games and toys to entertain the family during travel boredom

WITH delays at airports, on ferries and – of course – on the roads, it’s harder than ever to beat the boredom of travel. Instead of plugging in a device, you can kickstart your family vacation trip to traditional fun with inexpensive games and toys. 7 Overcoming boredom while traveling is harder than everPhoto credit:…

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