17 Myths About Being a Digital Nomad (2023)

Myths About Digital Nomads


I’ve been a digital nomad for almost 7 years.

In some ways, it’s a brilliant lifestyle. But in some ways, it’s also not as fun or exciting as some people expect.

I like helping people to become digital nomads (which is why I recently wrote a pay-what-you-like e-book about it). But I also like offering an honest insight into what the lifestyle is really like (cos those misleading dancing-on-the-beach TikTok influencers need to get right in the bin).

So, coming up, I’ve unpacked the 17 biggest myths about being a digital nomad. Expect boring revelations, endless complaints, and a load of ignorant accusations. I’m not as miserable as I pretend to be, I promise.

Quick disclaimer: yeah, I also hate the term “digital nomad,” cos it’s horrendously pretentious. But that’s the term everyone uses, so I suppose we’ll all just have to go along with it. Like when a drunk man you’ve just met in a pub keeps insisting you and him should be best friends.

Oh, and in case you don’t know what a digital nomad is (why are you here?), here’s a quick explanation: a digital nomad is a person who has no fixed long-term home, but travels (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) while working on their laptop. I hope that helps.

Alright, enough of all the introductory stuff—here are 17 myths about being a digital nomad:

Myths About Digital Nomads


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