9 Coolest Coworking Spaces in Newcastle (as of 2023)

Best Coworking Spaces in Newcastle


I’m from Newcastle, and I’ve spent a lot of my life in the place.

I’m also a remote-working ‘digital nomad’ (yeah, I hate that stupid phrase too).

Put all those factors together, and what do you get? That’s right—a man who knows all the best coworking spaces in Newcastle. So in this useful guide, I’ve covered them all.

Before we get going, here’s a quick disclaimer: because Newcastle is one of England’s smaller cities (and least-touristy cities), the co-working scene is pretty small and pretty limited. You won’t find a huge number of places to plonk yourself down and work, but you’ll find some great ones.

Anyway, bring your laptop and come join the party—here are the best (and coolest!) coworking spaces in Newcastle.

Best Coworking Spaces in Newcastle

1. Regus Cloth Market

You’ve probably already heard of Regus, who have offices and coworking spaces in various pockets of the planet.

This isn’t the most innovative or exciting venue in the world, but it’s popular, it’s super-central, and it offers a productive and professional office-style vibe (which some people might love, and some might hate).

Although it’s hardly an inspiring venue, they get all the basics right. The rooms are clean and tidy, there’s lots of ventilation and natural light, and there are four floors of space. The ergonomic chairs are comfortable, the kitchen is well-equipped, and the WiFi is speedy and reliable.

Yep, Regus don’t churn out the best co-working spaces in the world, but they churn out consistent and effective places for getting stuff done. If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable space, this is one of the best coworking spaces in Newcastle.

And in terms of location, this is a great base. Within ten minutes, you can walk to both Newcastle’s main bus station and main train station… and you’re less than a five-minute walk from the Monument metro station.

At Regus Cloth Market, you’re also well-located for chewing and chomping at a huge range of restaurants and cafes… and for exploring many of the best things to do in Newcastle.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s right in the center of the city, making it an easy and convenient base—and it’s from a trusted name in the coworking game 
  • Address: Merchant House, 30 Cloth Market, Newcastle, NE1 1EE
  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day to members, but staffed hours aren’t publicized (they’ll probably be standard 9-5 office hours)
  • Price: From £130 per month. Daily rates not currently advertised
  • Amenities: 43 private offices, 6 coworking desks, 2 meeting rooms, well-equipped kitchen, printer, scanner, photocopier, projector
  • Food? Free tea and coffee, but no food. But there are a huge number of excellent food options within a 3-minute walk 
  • Regus Cloth Market Website

2. Regus Newcastle Quayside

Another entry, another Regus!

(Told you these guys were famous).

This place is pretty similar to the city-center location, though it’s not quite as central. It’s a ten-minute walk south of the Cloth Market Regus, and perched right over the city’s river. It’s a little quieter.

Other than that, it’s pretty similar to what you get in the city-center option: it’s clean, comfortable, well-lit and well-equipped, but without offering anything particularly fancy or interesting.

That said, some of the spaces directly overlook the river—so if you get one of the panoramic offices, you can nab some decent views while you work.

If you don’t want to walk to the Quayside, you have lots of options for reaching this space: the Q3 bus runs to this part of the city, while you’re only a 10-minute walk from the nearest Metro station, and the city’s train station.

Regus Newcastle Quayside is also a good base for fervent foodies—in and around this area, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Newcastle. But if you just want something simple and snackable for lunch, there’s a decent Tesco just a short walk away.

  • What makes this place unique: It sits in the most scenic part of the city, with some lovely riverside views
  • Address: 116 Quayside, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE1 3DY
  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day to members, but staffed hours aren’t publicized (again, they’ll likely be standard 9-5 office hours)
  • Price: From £160 per person month. Daily rates not currently advertised
  • Amenities: 80 private offices, 7 coworking desks, 5 meeting rooms, printer, scanner, well-equipped kitchen
  • Food? No, but there’s free tea and coffee—and there are many places to eat nearby
  • Regus Newcastle Quayside Website

3. The Beacon

In terms of aesthetics, west-of-the-city-center The Beacon is pretty similar to both branches of Regus.

A relatively popular space, it’s largely geared towards purpose and productivity, with a quiet but unimaginative office-style environment.

But it also has a nice community vibe, and it’s much more friendly and welcoming than most coworking spaces. It’s not part of a chain, it’s in a lesser-known part of the city, and it places an emphasis on local people and local businesses. It’s also very affordable, with rates starting at £10 per day, and £60 per month.

It’s not the most modern place on the planet, so don’t expect any frills or flair—but the services are great for the price you pay.

The Beacon sits in western Newcastle, in the Fenham neighborhood. This area is a residential district… so you won’t find any attractions, or interesting things, or touristy stuff here. But you will find cut-price munch spots, lots of small stores, and many Asian eats (lots of the city’s Asian population live here).

It’s around a 1-mile (1.6km) walk from the center of the city, but lots of buses run here from Newcastle’s central Haymarket bus station.

The car-parking situation here is notorious—don’t park up without paying, cos you’ll be hit with a hefty fine.

  • What makes this place unique: Friendly and welcoming, it places a firm focus on community and local people—and it’s way more affordable than most coworking spaces
  • Address: The Beacon, Westgate Road, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE4 9PQ
  • Opening hours: 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday, and 11am until 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Price: Starting at £60 per month, and £20 per day
  • Amenities: Comfortable chairs, small kitchen, printer, scanner, meeting rooms
  • Food? No, but there are lots of cafes, stores and informal restaurants nearby
  • The Beacon Website

4. The Toffee Factory

The Toffee Factory is mainly known for its business-inhabited office spaces—local businesses rent out full rooms here, and base their teams in the space (both long-term and short-term).

But they also have one hot-desk room, with 8 desks (perfect for you!).

Inside the Toffee Factory, you’ll find creative teams, a creative atmosphere, and lots of trendy decor. It’s a purposely arty space, and it’s one of the most well-known creative hubs in the area. So if you’re looking for interesting or inspiring venues, this is one of the best coworking spaces in Newcastle.

It’s inside the Ouseburn neighborhood—so it’s not situated in the most central part of Newcastle. But the Q3 bus runs right past the venue, and it’s only a 10-15 minute walk from Manors metro station.

For me, the best thing about the Toffee Factory is its neighborhood—the Ouseburn is the hippest, artiest, and most interesting part of the city, and everybody falls in love with the place. It’s stuffed with independent venues.

Working here is a great excuse for exploring the area. And here at Travelness, we’ve covered the place in a whole lot of juicy depth… here are the best cafes in the Ouseburn, the best restaurants in the Ouseburn, and all the best things to do in the Ouseburn.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s an arty coworking space in an arty neighborhood, and it’s a great spot for inspiration
  • Address: Lower Steenbergs Yard, Walker Road, Byker, Newcastle, NE1 2DF
  • Opening hours: 8:30am until 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Price: From £175(+VAT) per month. Daily rates not currently advertised
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, office spaces, fully-equipped kitchen, printer, scanner, projector, events spaces, and more
  • Food? No, but there are many great food spots nearby
  • The Toffee Factory Website

5. Hoults Yard

Also sitting in the Ouseburn area, Hoults Yard is super close to the Toffee Factory, and it’s equally trendy and hip.

It’s different to every other venue on this list. It’s not a coworking space as such—instead, it’s a so-called “business village,” with lots of small venues and offices crammed into its confines. So you can’t pitch up and use an office or a hot desk for one day here, but you can rent an office space for a month (or longer).

If you decide to work here, you’ll be surrounded by lots of inspiring and creative minds. Current businesses you’ll find housed in and around here include bakeries, eateries, breweries, a donut shop, a mini-golf place, and more. So, yeah, you won’t really be working with other people—but you’ll be working around plenty of them.

You also get pretty normal businesses here, such as accountancy firms, law companies, and builders and manufacturers.

Offices are very affordable, and you can get your own space from only £150 per month. If you’re looking for long-term inspiration where you can make friends with other entrepreneurs and creatives, this is for you.

Again, this isn’t the most accessible part of Newcastle—but you’re close to Byker Metro station, and some bus stops.

  • What makes this place unique: This isn’t a coworking space—it’s a bunch of varied and affordable office venues in a quirky and community-centric part of the city
  • Address: Walker Road, Byker, Newcastle, NE6 2HL
  • Opening hours: If you have your own office, you have 24/7 access
  • Price: Small offices start from £150 per month
  • Amenities: Over 100 offices stretched across five different buildings. You get access to some shared resources, including a printer and scanner
  • Food? No, but you get a shared kitchen… and Hoults Yard is home to many lip-smacking independent eateries… and some occasional pop-up stalls
  • Hoults Yard Website

6. Racquets Court

I’ve never personally tested the internet speeds here, but the team behind Racquets Court claim to have some of the fastest in the region.

So if super-swift connections are important to you, you might just think this is one of the best coworking spaces in Newcastle.

You also get a relaxed but productive atmosphere, a super-friendly team, a bunch of well-lit workspaces, spacious desks, clean facilities, and plenty more. It’s a simple office-style coworking venue, but executed very well.

The space also offers a decent selection of free-to-eat snacks, pretty good coffee, and some outdoor spaces.

All of that said, it’s a lot more expensive than most other coworking spaces in the area (and most other coworking spaces on the planet) with monthly prices starting at £350 per month. It’s arguably worth the money, but it’s not in everyone’s budget.

For transport, you won’t find much better than this. It sits in the northern part of the city center, close to the main bus station, and one of the main Metro stations.

Within a 3-minute walk, you’ll also find endless cafes, restaurants, pubs and stores (and many of the city’s tourist attractions, if that’s your thing).

  • What makes this place unique: It’s more upmarket than most other coworking spaces in the region, calling itself a “luxury open plan office environment”
  • Address: 3 College Street, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, NE1 8JG
  • Opening hours: Reception hours are 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays—but the space is open 24/7 to members
  • Price: £350.00 per month (+VAT). Day rates are not advertised
  • Amenities: Large desks, printers, scanners, many meeting rooms, lots of space, flip charts, a large TV, and soon-to-come video conferencing
  • Food? Endless tea and coffee, and some fruit and snacks. There are no on-site meals, but there are many many places to eat nearby
  • Racquets Court Website

7. Floe

The trendiest of all the city center venues, Floe is a lesser-known option in the coworking game, but it’s brilliant.

If I was based back in the city full-time, this is probably where I would work. I think it’s the best coworking space in Newcastle. It’s friendly in a really relaxed and understated way—everyone is welcoming and smiley, but there’s no pressure to be super-sociable or chatty if you don’t want to be.

It places a focus on wide-open work spaces with relatively minimal decor, so it feels open and airy, and not cramped (like many other coworking spaces can). They also strike a nice balance between laid-back and office-like, so it feels somehow both casual and professional.

They also offer free drinks, an easy-to-use app, social events, guided tours, board games, genuinely-comfy breakout spaces, and event spaces. The ergonomic chairs are very comfortable.

It’s super close to the train station, so it’s easy to reach. And because you’re in the city center, you’re also close to lots of the city’s best attractions and areas of interest (we’ve covered all them (and more!) in our list of the best reasons to visit Newcastle).

  • What makes this place unique: It’s trendy and hip, but it sits in the city center—so if you want unique but central, you’ve found it
  • Address: Floor 3 Maybrook House, 27 Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5JE
  • Opening hours: Staffed hours aren’t advertised, but members receive 24/7 access
  • Price: From £175 per month, and £20 per day
  • Amenities: Photocopying, printing, 3D-printing, showers, bike storage, wheelchair accessibility, meeting rooms, and a simple booking system
  • Food? No, but they have free tea and coffee, and a well-equipped kitchen. There are lots of places to eat nearby
  • Floe Website

8. Royal Quays Business Center

Alright, we’re moving away from the city center for the first time.

If you’re a tourist, this isn’t the best coworking space in Newcastle… cos it’s sitting in an uninteresting part of the city.

But if you’re a local, it’s a decent choice—it’s quiet, it’s pretty close to a couple of Metro stations (Percy Main and Meadow Well), and there are some cheap (but tasty) local cafes nearby. And if you live on any part of the nearby coastline, you can easily get here by metro or car (or even by bicycle).

And because it’s in an outskirt part of the city, it’s very affordable, with long-term rates starting at £100 per month (+VAT).

Other perks include an on-site gym (you have to pay extra for access, but it’s affordable and great—it was once my local gym for a few months), showers, personal lockers, free parking, 24/7 access, and a genuinely friendly bunch of faces. They even offer weekday breakfasts!

All in all, this isn’t the most exciting coworking space you’ve ever seen. But it has good basic facilities, a very-friendly vibe, and some great plus points. You won’t meet a bohemian bunch of hipsters here—but you will get plenty of work done.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s in an uninteresting part of the city, so it mainly appeals to local people who want a no-frills cut-price place
  • Address: Coble Dean, Royal Quays, North Shields, NE29 6DE
  • Opening hours: Office hours aren’t publicized, but members receive 24/7 access
  • Price: From £100(+VAT) per month, from £15(+VAT) per day, and negotiable rates for various part-time plans
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, printers, free coffee, call rooms, and comfortable chairs and desks
  • Food? They have a well-equipped kitchen, with free tea and coffee. They also offer basic weekday breakfasts, and occasional pizza nights. There are some nearby local venues for grabbing lunches and snacks
  • Royal Quays Business Center Website

9. Co*Shabang

Last up, this oddly-named place is a great option for anyone who lives in (or who’s staying in) Gateshead. It’s not central, but it’s welcoming and affordable, and it’s operated by a smiley team.

Aside from hot desks, they also have team-sized office spaces, meeting rooms, and a large kitchen.

It has a friendly atmosphere, with a focus on making people feel welcome and at-home. So although the aesthetic isn’t particularly imaginative or interesting, it’s still a nice place to hunker down and spend some time.

Because it’s in a lesser-known part of Newcastle (Gateshead is actually a city of its own, but let’s not get into all that), this isn’t the best base for tourists. And although you can get here with public transport (and a bit of perseverance), it’s not particularly accessible.

Due to its location, most workers here are (of course) locals. And many of them are regulars—perfect if you want to slot into a little community of remote workers.

  • What makes this place unique: It sits in Gateshead, so it’s a great option for anyone who lives in (or around) that area
  • Address: Valley house, Seventh Ave, Kingsway S, Gateshead, NE11 0JW
  • Opening hours: Office hours are 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturdays and Sunday (but some members receive 24/7 access)
  • Price: Prices starting from £50 per month, and £18 per day
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, speedy broadband, ergonomic chairs, printing, scanning
  • Food? No, but they have kitchen facilities, and free tea and coffee. There are a small number of places to eat nearby, but it’s best to bring a packed lunch
  • Co*Shabang Website

Tips on Coworking and Coworking Spaces in Newcastle

  • There aren’t a huge number of well-known co-working spaces in Newcastle, so don’t expect a vibrant scene, or lots of busy offices, or endless options. But all the ones we’ve featured are the best of them—and they’re all decent places to work.
  • If you’re looking for cafes to work in, some of the best (or at least some of my favorites) include Pink Lane Coffee, Flat Caps Coffee, and Camber Coffee, And, of course, the city is home to lots of chain cafes where you can plonk yourself down guilt-free.
  • Newcastle is a small city, so jumping between coworking spaces is easy. If you want to try out all the central ones, doing so is simple—none will be more than a 15-minute walk from any other. It’s quick and easy to see which one is best for you.
  • I’m probably a bit biased, but I reckon Newcastle is one of the friendliest cities in the UK. So… this isn’t really a tip… but popping along to a coworking space here can be really rewarding and endearing. Even if you’re not normally into coworking, you’ll probably love coworking in Newcastle.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap lunch option while you’re coworking in Newcastle, get yourself to the Grainger Market, a hefty indoor space that’s been serving up cut-price bargains since the 1800s. Here, you’ll find a wide range of varied food, running the gluttonous gamut from burgers to salads to everything in between. Highly recommended!
  • Newcastle’s City Library (which you’ll find at the bottom of John Dobson Street) is a very good place to work, and I like sitting there with my laptop. It’s active but not too busy, productive but not too quiet, and it’s in the center of the city. And best of all, it’s completely free to sit there for as long as you like!

Before You Go

There they are—the 9 best (and coolest!) coworking spaces in Newcastle. Now stop reading this, close the tab, and go be productive!

For more on the lovely little city where I was raised, check out our guide to everything you need to know about the strange tones of the Newcastle accent.

And for more laptop-wielding excitement and adventure, here are our guides to the best coworking spaces in Glasgow, and the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh.

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting Travelness, and thanks in advance for coming back again in the future. See ya!


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