11 Coolest Coworking Spaces in Edinburgh (w/ Prices) in 2023

Best coworking spaces in Edinburgh


Because Edinburgh is the most well-known, touristy, and diverse city in Scotland, its coworking scene is pretty big and busy, with plenty of spaces dotted all over its sprawl.

So in this guide, we’ve brought you the best of them. We’ve covered the 11 best coworking spaces in Edinburgh, with a whole bunch of cool and varied stuff.

Expect office-style spaces, hipster hubs, central spots, unique oddities, and everything in between.

Stick your laptop in your backpack, and come join the productivity party!

Best coworking spaces in Edinburgh

1. The Melting Pot

Allegedly “one of the oldest coworking communities in the world,” The Melting Pot is kooky, quirky and creative, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh.

It’s popular, it’s well-known, and it’s packed with a wide range of different creatives. If you’re looking for an inspiring and friendly space that doesn’t feel too stifling, this is the place for you.

It’s also a good choice for flexibility and freedom, and offers way more options than an average coworking space. Yeah, they have standard hot desks and fixed desks… but they also offer storage spaces, hours-per-month access, and bespoke options depending on how often you’ll be using the place.

And because they also like to throw a focus on community and accessibility, their rates are affordable—the cheapest monthly offer is an invitingly-low £85 per month.

The Melting Pot is right beside Edinburgh Waverley train station, perfect for both commuters and tourists (and anyone looking for a coworking space in a central part of the city). It also has many dog-friendly areas, and it sits very close to view-packed Calton Hill.

All in all, this place is great—if I was staying in Edinburgh for a while, this is one of the places I’d be working.

  • What makes this place unique: It has a creative community vibe, and it’s intentionally arty and inspiring (but without any eye-rolling pretentiousness)
  • Address: 15 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DL
  • Opening hours: 8:30am until 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays 
  • Price: From £3.75 per hour, £18.33 per day, and £85 per month
  • Amenities: Seated desks, standing desks, gender-neutral toilets, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, printers, scanners, photocopiers
  • Food? No, but they have a good variety of unlimited tea and coffee—and there are endless places to eat and drink nearby  
  • The Melting Pot Website

2. WeWork 80 George Street

Sitting pretty close to The Melting Pot, WeWork 80 George Street is also pretty trendy (with a large friendly crowd and lots of events), but the design is a little more formal and office-like.

It’s a good choice for anyone seeking a space that places a focus on productivity and professionalism, but without being too uptight or quiet.

Beside all the standard coworking stuff (comfy chairs, spacious desks, etc), they offer a wide range of different perks and pluses. Highlights include a mother’s room, a wellness room, outdoor spaces, events spaces (along with lots of regular events), and dog-friendly areas.

It’s sleek and professional, it’s packed with high-grade facilities and equipment, it has an excellent roof terrace (with views of Edinburgh Castle), the communal areas are friendly and busy, and there’s an on-site barista churning out great coffee.

In terms of a central location, this is one of the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh. Plonked right in the new town, it’s close to endless restaurants, stores and cafes, it’s surrounded by lots of great green spaces, and it’s only a ten-minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley train station.

Pro Tip

This venue is often very busy… so don’t expect to just turn up and work. If you want to set yourself down here, you should contact the venue in advance.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s hugely popular, hugely busy, and very social—if you want to find people or events, you’ll absolutely find them here 
  • Address: 80 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU
  • Opening hours: Office hours are 9am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. But members receive 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • Price: Starting from £99(+VAT) per month, and £25 per day
  • Amenities: Printers, scanners, many desks, fast WiFi, super-comfy chairs, and lots of professional touches 
  • Food? Barista-made coffee, no food. But there are many places to eat and drink nearby  
  • WeWork 80 George Street Website

3. Hive Spaces

More like a funky cafe than a boring ol’ office space, Hive Spaces calls itself “the antidote to sterile offices and the perils of home-working.“ It sits in the northern part of the new town, just a 5-minute walk from WeWork 80 George Street.

It offers aesthetic spaces, hip lighting, lounge booths, low-level relaxing music, and a genuinely unique atmosphere. Working here is like working in your friend’s living room (if your friend is really trendy and edgy). They have four multifunctional spaces, all of slightly different sizes.

Because it’s not in the very central sprawl of the city, Hive Spaces is a little quieter than many other places on our list. If you want an informal but productive space where you won’t (or shouldn’t) be too distracted, this is perfect. But you still have many stores and chowdown venues nearby, and you’re only a 20-minute walk from the city’s main train station.

They have an on-site barista, a nice chillout area, and a pretty bohemian crowd. And as is becoming a bit of a theme here, it’s also dog-friendly.

They don’t have much equipment for meetings and presentations and all that stuff—but it’s perfect if you just want to plonk yourself down with a laptop.

When you’re working here, make sure you head to nearby Dean Village. A quaint and cozy part of the city, it’s one of the best day trips from Edinburgh (even though it technically sits inside of Edinburgh).

  • What makes this place unique: It’s a really unusual and cozy space—sitting in this venue is like sitting in a comfortable living room.
  • Address: Hive Spaces, 3 Jamaica Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6HH
  • Opening hours: 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays 
  • Price: Prices start at £300 per month for anytime access, £150 per month for two-days-a-month access, and £30 per day
  • Amenities: 4 separate coworking spaces, and a printer
  • Food? They have an excellent on-site coffee shop with great drinks and basic snacks (and a barista!). There are many nearby places to buy and eat food 
  • Hive Spaces Website

4. Clockwise

Another relatively edgy option (Edinburgh is a pretty happening place), Clockwise sits in the waterside neighborhood of Leith… which is my favorite part of the city by far.

A dock-packed hipster haven with lots of independent venues, Leith was once the grimiest part of the city—but after some hefty regeneration, it’s now home to lots of cool and quirky stuff.

Clockwise sits just back from the docks, in a slightly quieter part of the neighborhood. Inside its walls, you’ll find high ceilings, exposed brick, massive windows, a huge amount of natural light, relaxing pastel colors, and a whole lot of space.

Clockwise is modern in a very functional and inviting way. It doesn’t feel office-like, but it’s still a great place for knuckling down and getting some work done.

They have a nice range of different types of spaces, so you can choose whatever suits the way you like to work. Options include private offices, dedicated desks, and cafe-style tables and chairs.

If you want a venue with an on-site eatery, this is one of the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh. The menu is wide and varied, offering pastries, sandwiches, paninis, jacket potatoes, and plenty more.

Because it’s in Leith, this isn’t the easiest place to access, so it’s better for locals than tourists. That said, the number 16 bus comes by here, so it’s not completely off the radar.

  • What makes this place unique: Sitting in a repurposed Leith warehouse, this large trendy place is open-plan, well-lit, and incredibly inviting. You’ll love it
  • Address: Commercial Quay, 84 Commercial Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX
  • Opening hours: Members get 24/7 access, but staffed hours aren’t publicized (they’ll presumably be typical 9-5 office-style hours)
  • Price: From £135 per month, and £15 per day
  • Amenities: Two meeting rooms (with space for up to 15 people each), event spaces, printing, scanners, showers, on-site parking, and a well-equipped cafe 
  • Food? The onsite cafe offers great drinks, and tasty hot and cold food—it’s way better than most coworking space cafes
  • Clockwise Website

5. Custom Lane

Another Leith option!

Unique and alluring, Custom Lane calls itself “an evolving, collaborative experiment in creating the most engaging, enriching and enjoyable work environment for designers in Scotland.”

I’m not really sure why it’s gone with that confusing tagline instead of just calling itself a “coworking space.” But that’s Leith!

Anyway, as you can tell by that tagline, the place is mainly geared towards artists and designers, with private studios for practical fiddling.

But the large multi-desk coworking space is pretty standard, so you don’t need to be a potter or a painter to work here. If you have any type of creative job (or even just like working around creative people!), you’ll be welcome and happy at Custom Lane.

Workers here include photographers, architects, jewelers, copywriters, and more—so there’s a pretty mixed bunch.

It’s packed with a welcoming bunch of friendly faces, it’s dog friendly, there’s loads of natural light, and it’s perched right over Leith’s waters.

Again, in terms of location, this isn’t the most accessible coworking space in Edinburgh—but it’s surrounded by some of the coolest venues in the city, with many places to eat and drink.

  • What makes this place unique: Mainly geared towards artists and creatives, this is genuinely the most unique and interesting coworking venue in the city 
  • Address: 1 Customs Wharf, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6AL
  • Opening hours: 8:30am until 5pm from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm on Saturdays, and 10am until 4pm on Sundays 
  • Price: From £150 per month, and £45 per week
  • Amenities: A normal office-style desk space, private creative studios, high-speed WiFi, AC, printing, scanning, 3D-printing, personal lockers, bicycle storage 
  • Food? They have an excellent on-site cafe, serving up tasty snacks and barista-made coffee. For meals, the courtyard sometimes hosts pop-up food shacks—and there are many eateries nearby 
  • Custom Lane Website

6. Regus Princes Street

You’ve probably already heard of Regus. A well-known chain, they offer reliable but unimaginative coworking spaces in various parts of the planet.

So, yeah, as you would expect, Regus Princes Street isn’t particularly imaginative or inspiring… but it does all the simple stuff well. You get a quiet but bustling office-style environment, with basic but reliable equipment.

For simple but effective, this is one of the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh.

Some of the biggest perks here include showers, air conditioning, accessible rooms, friendly reception staff, and a decent amount of natural light. It’s a little more open-plan than most other corporate-style coworking spaces.

And because it’s so big, there’s plenty of space. You get six floors, over 100 private offices, and almost 40 coworking desks. Thanks to its size, there’s pretty much always a spot available—so even though it’s central, you can usually(!) just turn up unannounced and nab yourself a spot.

Because this Regus sits in Princes Street, it’s in a great location. Nearby, you get many green spaces, many places to eat, and many places for a post-work slurp. And you’re less than a 10-minute wander from Edinburgh Waverley train station.

Oh, and as a nice bonus, some rooms have panoramic views over the city—head to the highest floors.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s simple but effective—you don’t get anything special here, but you get a reliable chain-based office space right in the heart of the city.  
  • Address: 83 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2ER
  • Opening hours: Members receive 24/7 access. Reception hours aren’t advertised, but they’re typically 9am-5pm in Regus spaces 
  • Price: Starting from £129 per month. Day rates aren’t currently advertised 
  • Amenities: Printers and photocopiers on all floors, and meeting rooms, showers, and comfortable chairs
  • Food? No, but there are a huge number of places to eat nearby 
  • Regus Princes Street Website

7. Regus Saint Andrew Square

Another Regus!

Though not much separates this Regus branch from the last one (except a 5-minute walk) this version is the best of the two.

It has a roof garden (with views of the castle), and lots of space. It’s very clean and tidy, and it feels a little more friendly and inviting than the other Regus.

Other features include a well-equipped kitchen (including a great coffee machine), and lots of comfortable breakout rooms and meeting rooms.

Again, it’s not going to absolutely set your world on fire—but it’s well-maintained, and well-organized, and it’s certainly more pleasant than most other standard office spaces.

Like its sister venue, Regus Saint Andrew Square is in a great location. You’re only a 5-minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley train station, and the city’s main bus station. You’re surrounded by great places to eat, and you’re only a 1-minute walk from the lovely green space of St. Andrew Square Garden (which is a great spot for a quick outdoor lunch).

  • What makes this place unique: It’s the best of the chain-based coworking spaces in the city… and it has a sunny rooftop terrace!
  • Address: 9-10 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AF
  • Opening hours: Office hours aren’t publicized, but members receive 24/7 access 
  • Price: Prices are currently on a quote-by-quote basis—but most city-center Regus spaces run at around £129 per month
  • Amenities: Printing, photocopying, 5 meeting rooms, projectors, TV screens, accessible spaces
  • Food? No, but they have a well-equipped kitchen—and there are endless places to eat nearby
  • Regus Saint Andrew Square Website

8. The Nexus Room

A really comfy and cozy option, this is a little different to most other entries on our list. And it’s totally loveable.

Right beside the Union Canal, it sits west of The Meadows, in a slightly quieter part of the city—so if you want a central but relaxing location with some great outdoor escapes, you’ve found it.

It’s also very small, and feels more like a pokey cafe than a sprawling coworking space. Owned by a film production company, the place has only six spaces. So if you want to be anonymous, this place isn’t for you— but if you want to be sociable and make some connections, it absolutely is. It feels much more personal and wholesome than most of the world’s other coworking spaces.

There are some great perks crammed inside its tiny confines—including a relaxation area, a small kitchen, some showers, and lots of natural light.

Even though it’s in a quieter part of the town, The Nexus Room is very easy to access. Haymarket train station is only a ten-minute walk away, and there’s a bus stop right outside the space.

Pro Tip

This is pretty obvious, but don’t just turn up here unannounced. They probably won’t have space, so make sure you book or enquire in advance.

  • What makes this place unique: It’s very small, cozy and homely—working here feels more like joining a family than just hopping on a hotdesk  
  • Address: 9 St Peters Buildings, Edinburgh, EH3 9PG
  • Opening hours: Members get 24/7 access
  • Price: From £220(+VAT) per month, and £65(+VAT). Day rates are not currently advertised, but day passes are available 
  • Amenities: 6 desks, printing, copying, scanning, networking events, superfast broadband, and mail-handling
  • Food? They have free tea and coffee, and some simple snacks and cereal—and there are lots of alluring cafes in the nearby area. Next-door Glow Cafe is great for simple stuff 
  • The Nexus Room Website

9. Spaces

A lesser-known chain name in the coworking game, Spaces serves up imaginative and inspirational workspaces, with a big focus on collaboration and community. If you’re looking for a coworking space with lots of events and opportunities for post-work fun, you’ll think this is one of the best coworking spaces in Edinburgh.

The spaces in Spaces (nice pun Paul) are open-plan, with a mixture of booth-style spots and communal tables. You get three floors of airy, well-lit space, with sleek furniture and a modern aesthetic.

For some, this place might be a bit too busy. There’s a focus on socializing, and the music is pretty loud. I personally love coworking spaces like this… but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like distractions, you might want to avoid it.

Pretty close to the Nexus Room, Spaces sits right on a stretch of the Union Canal, which is a great place for a lunchtime wander.

Again, it’s only a 10-minute walk from Haymarket train station, and it’s close to lots of bus stops (and lots of places to munch on morsels).

  • What makes this place unique: There’s a large focus on socializing, with chatty visitors, post-work events, open-plan spaces, and relatively-loud music  
  • Address: 92-94, 1 Lochrin Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 9QA
  • Opening hours: Members get 24/7 access, but reception hours aren’t advertised 
  • Price: From £215 per month, £89 per 5 days a month, and £139 per 10 days a month. Day rates not currently advertised
  • Amenities: 4 meeting rooms, 94 private offices, 48 separate dedicated desks, a small car park (with 8 spaces), pleasant breakout areas, and printing and photocopying 
  • Food? They have a small cafe with drinks and snacks—and there are lots of great laid-back cafes and brunch spots nearby  
  • Spaces Website

10. Regus South Gyle

The most boring entry on our list, the South Gyle branch of Regus sits far west of the city center, close to the Pentland Hills and the airport.

So if you live in this part of Edinburgh, or if you’re hanging around close to the airport, this is the place for you. If neither of those things apply, I wouldn’t bother. As you’d expect from an out-of-town Regus, it’s a little minimalistic and uninventive, and it’s not the most engaging place to work.

That said, it still offers some perks and pluses: a modern building, a friendly team, plenty of space (this place, of course, isn’t as popular as the other coworking spaces we’ve covered).

And as a nice bonus, the large Gyle Shopping Center is only a quick walk away—it offers a food court, and some small supermarkets. Regus South Gyle is also close to a gym, a petrol station, and lots of grocery stores. So although it’s not an exciting base, it can be a useful one.

All in all, this can be an effective functional spot for a certain type of person who’s rushing in or out of the city—or a local who’s looking for a coworking space surrounded by quick conveniences.

  • What makes this place unique: It sits in western Edinburgh, close to the airport—so if you’ve just flown in, it’s in a convenient location.   
  • Address: 4 Redheughs Rigg Westpoint, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ
  • Opening hours: Members receive 24/7 access. Reception hours aren’t currently advertised.
  • Price: Prices aren’t currently advertised—contact the team for more information  
  • Amenities: Printing, photocopying, good WiFi
  • Regus South Gyle Website

11. TechCube

Another of those places that doesn’t seem satisfied with referring to itself as a coworking space, TechCube (or ‘techcu.be,’ depending on which spelling you want to go with) calls itself a “business hub for entrepreneurs, techies, and creatives.”

As you can tell from that description, the venue is mainly geared towards tech-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses. Stretched over five floors of fun, you get lots of long-term and short-term residents, including artists, writers, and technical startups.

But you also get some standard coworking hot desks, for anyone who wants to pop along and use the space short-term. You don’t need to be working in tech to use this space. It’s a fairly quiet venue, perfect for concentration. But you’ll also meet some interesting creative minds in the breakout spaces.

Because it’s next to both The Meadows and Arthur’s Seat, TechCube is well-located for exploring some of the best hikes in Edinburgh. There are also lots of supermarkets nearby for cheap eats (including a Lidl, a small Tesco, and a Chinese supermarket), and many cafes for something a bit more interesting.

The venus is also easy to access—it’s a 15-minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley train station, down a long straight road.

  • What makes this place unique: Mainly geared towards technical people, it attracts some innovative and interesting minds (though it’s in no way elitist or exclusive)
  • Address: 1 Summerhall Place, Newington, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
  • Opening hours: Members can access the place 24/7, but reception hours aren’t publicized 
  • Price: Rates are not advertised online—so contact the venue for more  
  • Amenities: printing, scanning, photocopying, high-speed WiFI, AC, and some good breakout areas
  • Food? No, but there are many cafes and supermarkets nearby 
  • TechCube Website

Tips on Coworking and Coworking Spaces in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh is one of the most touristy cities in the UK, so drop-ins at the busiest co-working spaces are usually snapped up quickly. If you want to use an office or a hotdesk at a particular place, it’s a good idea to book in advance. Yeah, they might have some drop-in space, but it’s best not to risk it.
  • Because it’s the capital city of a pricey country, Edinburgh is pretty expensive. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to bring a packed lunch, instead of eating out all the time. On-the-go chomping here can get pretty pricey.
  • Coworking here in summer is much more pleasant than coworking here in winter. In colder months, Edinburgh can be dark, bleak, and depressing—and not a cheery or inspiring place to work. For more information, here’s our guide on the best time to visit Edinburgh.
  • If you’re a tourist who wants easy access to all the fun stuff, you should stay around the Royal Mile, or in the New Town… where you’ll find most of the city’s action, adventure, and tourist attractions. For much more detail on all that, I wrote a useful guide on where to stay in Edinburgh.
  • Because Edinburgh is such a busy city, working in coworking spaces is pretty much always better than working in cafes. But if you’re determined to find some cafe spots, some of the best central options are Levels Cafe & Lounge, Söderberg Pavilion, and Black Medicine Coffee.
  • If you’re keen to really immerse yourself in Edinburgh’s coworking scene, consider getting yourself a room at CoDE Co-Living. A varied (and surprisingly affordable) coliving space, its rates start from £499 per month. They offer pod beds, studio spaces, and even a comfy little studio. It’s mainly for laid-back young workers who want to make friends and find others for exploring the city.

Before You Go

It’s the end of the work day, and we’ve typed and coworked our way to the final part of this guide!

For more Edinburgh inspiration, here’s our ultimate itinerary for two days in Edinburgh, and our guide to the 11 best free museums in Edinburgh.

And for more coworking fun (is working fun?), check out our guides to the coolest coworking spaces in Glasgow, and the coolest coworking spaces in Newcastle.

Thanks for reading, thanks for checking out Travelness, and we’ll see you next time!


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