10 Best Pizza In Tbilisi (*Definitive* Guide) as of 2023

Best Pizza in Tbilisi


Georgia is famous for lots of drool-worthy flavorful foods.

It serves up steaming piles of stodgy khinkali, alluring lumps of cheesy khachapuri (which, admittedly, is a bit like a Georgia pizza), and some of the best bread you’ve ever eaten.

But because Tbilisi is a pretty cosmopolitan place, it’s also home to food from around the globe. When I lived there, I chowed down on meals and morsels from every pocket of the planet… including lots of tasty Italian fayre.

So in this guide, I’ve put my big fat stomach (and my big fat knowledge) to good use… and I’ve brought you the 10 best pizza places in Tbilisi.

Best Pizza in Tbilisi

1. Ronny’s Pizza

If you’re looking for authentic Italian-style pizza in Tbilisi, you’ll probably be profoundly disturbed by my first entry… which serves up thick, sloppy helpings of NY-style stuff.

But this is the most well-known pizza spot in Tbilisi (and, don’t worry—the more sophisticated slices are coming up soon).

Tbilisi has two branches of Ronny’s—one in the upmarket district of Vake, and the other in the residential neighborhood of Saburtalo. I’ve only visited the Saburtalo branch, but they’re presumably both churning out the same stuff.

Eating here is super informal—it’s like going for a quick slice of fast-food pizza in a greasy little graffitied shack from an American movie. The unpretentious pizza is hearty, cheesy, heavy, and absolutely stacked with tasty toppings.

You can buy both whole pizzas, and pizza by the slice (and half and half, for greedy gobblers who just can’t choose).

What we recommend

The Supreme, the Papa Ronny, and the Classic Cheese—and try some of their unique sodas

  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: Both branches are open 11am until 11pm from Monday to Saturday, and 1pm until 11pm on Sundays 
  • Address: 3 Vazha Pshavela Avenue, and 7 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue
  • Ronny’s Pizza Website

2. Farina

Lots of locals will tell you this is the very best pizza in Tbilisi.

If you’re looking for a classy sit-down meal where you can wear all your best cute clothes, don’t bother coming here. But if you’re not interested in ambience and just care about eating incredible slices of crispy-but-chewy wood-fired Italian-style pizza, you’ll love this joint.

They have a couple of indoor stools (with a bench), and a couple of basic outdoor tables. But regularly zooming out of the oven, they have a small menu of fresh, balanced flavors that are somehow both nuanced and bold.

They also offer a couple different types of flammkuchen, which to a pleb like me is just another type of pizza (though it’s French and German — and features soft-style cheese rather than standard mozzarella).

What we recommend

The margherita, the Casa, the Parma, and the flammkuchen

  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: Midday until midnight from Monday to Thursday, midday until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and midday until 1am on Sundays 
  • Address: 1 Vashlovani Street
  • Farina Facebook Page

3. Localino

Just like Ronny’s, Localino has two separate branches (one in Vake, and one in Saburtalo). The Saburtalo branch is a little more popular.

The restaurants are basic (not in a trendy or intentional way), the dough isn’t as authentic-tasting as some other places on our list, and this isn’t necessarily the very best pizza in Tbilisi.

But both branches are family-friendly laid-back local hangouts that, over the years, have maintained their low prices. And because their dough is a little more Georgian-style (rather than Italian-style or American-style), the pizzas are pretty unique and interesting.

The food is nicely-presented, the atmosphere (at both places) is very laid-back, and they’re two of the few non-Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi where you can still get tasty but affordable food.

They also offer pastas, soups, risottos and salads.

What we recommend

The mushroom pizza and the four-cheese pizza

  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: The Saburtalo branch is open midday until 2am, 7 days a week. The Vake branch is open 11:30am until 2am, 7 days a week
  • Address: 19 Alexander Kazbegi Avenue, and 14 Zakaria Paliashvili Street
  • Localino Facebook Page

4. Vera Italiana

This laid-back place is most famous for its cannolis (which are probably the best cannolis I’ve ever salivated on outside of Italy).

The pizza is cooked in an Italian-style wood-fired pizza oven, and it’s thin, crispy, and well-seasoned. Each one is topped with tasty, fresh ingredients (and often lots of herbs)… so if you like a vaguely healthy pizza, Vera Italiana is a good choice.

It’s owned by a friendly and chatty been-all-over-the-world guy, who was originally born and brought up in Rome. And if he doesn’t know how to make a half-decent pizza, I don’t know who does.

They have a leafy and shady outdoor courtyard, which is lovely on a sunny summer day.

And in addition to all the lip-smacking pizzas, they also offer salads, pizzas, Italian drinks, and lots more specialty Italian treats.

What we recommend

The prosciutto & rucola, the unusual carbonara pizza, and the lovely lovely cannolis

  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours: Open 2:30pm until 11pm Tuesday ‘til Sunday. Closed on Mondays 
  • Address: 49 Iakob Gogebashvili Street
  • Vera Italiana Instagram Page

5. Pizza Di Roma

There are six of these places in Tbilisi—some in the center, some on the outskirts, and some in the city’s shopping malls.

If you’re looking for affordable fast-food style stuff (with both delivery and eat-in options), this is among the best pizza in Tbilisi.

Because it’s a fast-food-style chain, it’s not the most sophisticated or nuanced food on the planet… but it’s tasty, affordable, a good crowd-pleaser, and the menu is huge. It’s a good option if you’re eating with kids or a big group—there’ll always be something here to suit everyone.

Along with pizzas, they also offer pasta, burgers, risottos, pastries, desserts, salads, steaks, other meat dishes, and plenty more.

Of all the branches, the Marjanishvili option – 147 Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue – has the best food and the nicest atmosphere.

What we recommend

Getting a lazy takeaway, going with a big group, and definitely not eating the french-fry-topped ‘Americano’

  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: Various, depending on which chain you choose—but it’s typically around 10am until 11pm, 7 days a week
  • Address: Again, various—but the best option is the restaurant at 147 Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue 
  • Pizza Di Roma Website

6. Filini

For elegant and upmarket (or a place you might want to visit on a fancy date, you sneaky little scamp), Filini is a good choice.

If you like a crusty base combined with some heavy but tasty toppings, you’ll think this is some of the best pizza in Tbilisi—it’s a lip-smacking hybrid of Italian-style stuff and American-style stuff.

No matter what you eat, the flavors and ingredients are fresh, and the food is beautifully-presented—they also offer burgers, salads, fish dishes, and excellent desserts.

Because the restaurant sits in a lofty location, with a long glass front, it offers great views of the city and the river… and it’s an excellent option for sunset.

Eating here is a relatively pricey experience, but it’s definitely worth the outlay.

What we recommend

The pepperoni pizza (with its top-quality pepperoni), and the four-cheese pizza

  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours: 11am until 11pm, 7 days a week (though they also offer a buffet breakfast from 7am until 11am)
  • Address: Rose Revolution Square (inside the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel)
  • Filini Website

7. Piano

Another good choice for a classy evening of fine finesse, Piano is a bistro-style venue (though admittedly a tiny bit dated) offering carefully-flavored and well-presented Italian food. It’s perfect for a romantic meal.

The pizzas are delicate, crispy and Italian-style (I’m not sure if they’re wood-fired, but they’re still really tasty). In true Italian style, they’re basic, but packed with flavor (you get margheritas, mushroom pizzas, prosciutto pizzas, and all that other simple stuff).

Other menu highlights include a whole load of cured meats, the imaginative use of fruit, and some of the city’s best Italian-style desserts (make sure you chow down on the tiramisu).

And because this joint is only a two-minute walk from Liberty Square, it’s right in the heart of the city—perfect for short-term tourists who don’t want to venture far.

What we recommend

The margherita and the calzone (the calzone in particular is super tasty and super popular)

  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours: Midday until midnight, 7 days a week
  • Address: 14 Galaktion Tabidze Street
  • Piano Facebook Page

8. La Gamba

Is this the best pizza in Tbilisi? I don’t know for sure—but I know it’s my favorite pizza in Tbilisi.

I love places like this. A tiny pastel-fronted joint with a small number of tables (both inside and out), they have fairy lights, an old record player, and a very informal atmosphere. Although it’s outrageously hip and laid-back, the place often gets very busy… so it’s best to book a table in advance.

I honestly think the pizza here is perfectly-executed. Made in a small open-fire oven, the dough is crispy but tasty, and it’s cooked for just the right amount of time. Lots of (allegedly-)Italian online reviewers have praised the place… so it must be good!

The staff are friendly, the drinks are tasty and interesting (make sure you try the lemonade and the mocktails), and you’re guaranteed to leave this place with a big fat smile on your face.

What we recommend

The Queen Tamar (which is stacked with pesto), the margherita, and anything involving the mega-tasty prosciutto

  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: The kitchen is open midday until 11pm from Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm until 11pm on Sundays, and it’s completely closed on Mondays 
  • Address: 4 Iakob Nikoladze Street
  • La Gamba Instagram Page

9. Pizza Classic (or Classic Pizza, As Some People Call It)

Glass-fronted, classy and charming, Pizza Classic is a tucked-away spot, and it’s a nice choice for a quiet meal.

Sitting in the residential district of Saburtalo, and it’s not as well-known as some of the other places we’ve featured on our list. So if you want a local hangout rather than a touristy one, get yourself here.

The pizzas here are attentively made, and I reckon this place makes the best dough in the city (controversial, I know). It’s somehow both soft and crunchy, and somehow both doughy and airy.

The pizzas are Neapolitan-style, so they prioritize quality ingredients rather than just throwing a hefty quantity of stuff on top of each base. Expect delicate herbs, small shavings of cheese, and a carefully-crafted sweet-but-tangy tomato sauce.

What we recommend

The six-cheese (yep, SIX-cheese!) pizza, the pesto & prosciutto pizza, and the excellent chorizo pizza

  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours: 11am until 11pm, 7 days a week
  • Address: 7-9 Otar Taktakishvili Street

10. PizzaLandia

A nice combo between a family-friendly joint, and a place offering genuinely-tasty and genuinely-authentic pizzas, PizzaLandia is a very popular place. It’s always full of friendly faces eating tasty but low-price meals.

Pizzas this good aren’t usually this inexpensive. They look authentic, they taste authentic, and the place has an Italian manager.

It’s another good choice if you’re eating with kids, picky people, or in a big group. They have around 15 different varieties of pizza… running the greedy gamut from simple stuff, to topping-stacked feed-feasts.

They also offer basic-but-tasty salads (including a salad built onto a pizza!), a top-quality calzone, decent pasta, and affordable and unpretentious charcuterie boards.

It’s also among the best pizza places in Tbilisi if you’re looking for a speedy meal—the service is always fast.

What we recommend

The Pizzalandia, the salsiccia, and the calzone

  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: 10am until midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and 10am until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays 
  • Address: 65 Vazha Pshavela Avenue
  • PizzaLandia Facebook Page

Best Pizza in Tbilisi: Final Thoughts

And just like that, we’ve chewed and chomped our way to the end of this tasty triangular guide on the best pizza in Tbilisi.

For much more information on exploring one of my favorite places, head to our guides on all the reasons you should visit Tbilisi, and whether or not Georgia is a safe destination.

And for more food related guides, here are the best restaurants in Tbilisi locals love to at, the coolest and unique cafés in the city, and the best places to have a breakfast in Tbilisi.

Thanks for eating with us, thanks for visiting Travelness, and we’ll see you next time!


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