Best Canada PR Consultant in Bangalore in 2023

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Several Skilled workers Apply for Canada PR Visa every year from Bengaluru. You can save highly valuable time and effort if you hire a reliable and experienced Canada PR Consultant in Bangalore. This will also ensure that you file a fully compliant application with zero errors.

Nationwide Visas offers you an exhaustive range of Immigration and Visa services catering to all possible requirements. We are among the top CICC – College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants registered Immigration Consultants in Bangalore. Thus, we are lawfully authorized for offering advice in aspects concerning IRCC – Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

The best and most authentic Immigration Consultant in Bangalore

When it comes to choosing the reliable and best Immigration Consultant in Bangalore Nationwide Visas is the obvious choice. We are the best immigration advisors for Canada PR Visa for the following reasons:

Committed Case Officer: We offer personalized support and a SPOC – A Single Point of Contact between you and the firm all along the application process.  

Expertise: We possess a team of seasoned experts who have demonstrated a successful track record.

Facilitated Documentation Process: Our support and assistance continue from the very evaluation process to documents and Visa application followed by services after landing in Canada.

Highlighting prospects: We will highlight highly prospective opportunities for you across global sectors.

Partnering in your success: From offering your training for Visa interviews to coaching for the English language or crafting impeccable standard format of Resumes, SOPs, Cover Letters or guiding the application form process, Police or Medical Clearance Certificate – you can always rely on us.

We offer you 360-degree solutions for all your visa and immigration requirements right from the assessment, documentation, and application filing process to post-landing services.

Criteria for a good Immigration Consultancy

Making thorough background scrutiny is very essential for investing in a Visa and Immigration Firm.

You must note the following aspects prior to making the choice:


You must take a look at the reviews posted online. The personal experiences shared by the customers are unbeatable. If someone in your family or friends has achieved success in the process, you must connect with them.

Social Media Research

The renowned and established immigration consultancies are quite active on social media platforms. You can also connect with them online and clarify your doubts.


You can confirm past records, Employers, and Management of the firm. Typically, experienced employers and CEOs are reliable. Further, also look for their number of years of standing in the industry.


Visit their website and seek valuable details offered. You can never know what can catch your attention.

The Skilled Immigration Programs of Canada

You have the following options to apply for Canada PR Visa:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

·         Your occupation has to be included in NOC – National Occupation Classification in Canada

·         FSWP is for candidates seeking to reside outside of Quebec

·         It is ideal for you if you do not have sponsors

·         Your selection is decided by the points you score on the FSW points grid and score in CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

Federal Skilled Trades Program

·         FSTP is suitable for you if you are a skilled tradesperson seeking to migrate to Canada for working in a skilled trades occupation

·         You must possess a certificate for skilled trade and fulfill other Visa application criteria under Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class

·         If you have resided and worked in Canada and have a Work Permit, CEC is suitable for you

·         You will need TRV – Temporary Resident Visa and work experience in Canada

·         CEC is apt for provisional workers in Canada seeking to Apply for Canada PR Visa

Provincial Nominee Programs

·         You can apply for PNPs if you possess the required in-demand skills for a precise province

·         You can seek nomination from the province through PNP if you can fulfill the needs of the province

·         Your immigration to Canada gets accelerated if you are successful through a PNP

·         The eligibility criteria for the PNPs are variable

How Nationwide can help?

Nationwide offers you facilitation all through the process with its end-to-end solutions. We can assist you in filing an error-free and 100% compliant PR Visa application. Canada offers 100 plus immigration programs for PR application so making the right choice is highly essential. However, FSWP is widely chosen by skilled workers and professionals as their application pathway.

Immigration is not an easy process and we understand this fully.

Nationwide Visas offers you end-to-end facilitation or a seamless experience. We will assist you in selecting the accurate NOC code and maximizing your scores under the point grid. You can connect with any of our Immigration Experts for a better understanding of the Canada PR point’s grid.

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