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How to Plan a Cheap and Fun Road Trip?



How to Plan a Cheap and Fun Road Trip

One of the most road trip and educational ways to see new parts of the world and learn new things is to travel by car.

 Whether going out of town for the weekend or driving across the country, a road trip can be a great way to spend time with family and friends, make memories that will last a lifetime, and see new places.

 If you plan and prepare ahead, you can have a cheap and fun road trip without completely emptying your bank account. This blog will give you a step-by-step plan for planning a road trip that won’t break the bank, so you can get the most out of your trip while keeping costs low.

Tips To Plan a Fun Road Trip

1.      Choose a Vacation Spot

 Before you can start planning a cheap road trip, you have to decide where you want to go. Consider your budget and desired experience while choosing a destination.

  If you don’t want to go too far from home, the United Kingdom has a lot of places you can visit that won’t break your budget. Think about taking a trip to one of the beautiful national parks, state parks, or other beautiful places in the United Kingdom.

 After you decide where you want to go, the next step is to learn more about the area to figure out how much it costs to live there and what kinds of things you can do there.

2.      Make a Plan

 After you’ve decided where you desire to go, it’s duration to start making plans. This will help you plan your journey and bring the most out of it. By researching the area, find the finest places to visit based on your interests and hobbies.

 You may also wish to explore the area’s restaurants, motels, and other accommodations. After you have chosen the activities and places you want to see, make a plan for when and where you will travel.

3.      Look For a Place to Stay

 Even though hotels are often one of the most expensive parts of a road trip, there are many ways to save money. If you go to a well-known place, you will find many places to stay that won’t break the bank.

Travellers on a tight budget interested in staying in a place with shared rooms and common facilities will find hostels an excellent option. Motels are another great option for comfortable, low-cost lodging.

 They frequently present free parking and an establishment to do laundry for their visitors. When you use these services, finding one-of-a-kind places to stay that you can’t find at regular hotels is often possible.

4.      Find Affordable Transportation

 Transportation will be one of the most expensive parts when planning a road trip, but there are ways to save money. One thing to consider is leasing a car or RV instead of buying one. This is a great way to save money while still having the freedom to go wherever you want.

 You could ride with friends or family in the same car to save gas money. In some places, public transportation is the cheapest way to get around.

 When planning a road trip, it’s essential to think carefully about all the options. This will help you save money on transportation. Before renting a car or an RV, it’s a good idea to look around for deals and compare prices.

 You can make your road trip more fun and cheaper if you plan and look into all your options.

5.      Packing

 Packing for a road trip might seem impossible, but if you plan carefully, you won’t have any trouble getting it done. It’s important to think about the basics, like ensuring you have enough clothes for the trip.

 If you want to save money on meals, it’s a great idea to bring snacks and drinks. If you do it this way, you won’t have to worry about stopping the car every few hours to eat.

 Also, you need to make sure that the inside of your car has enough space for all of your things if you want to camp while on the road, you must bring a good tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gear.

 Last but not least, bring a map or GPS device with you, so you don’t get lost. You can have a fun and successful road trip if you plan it out in some detail ahead of time.

Ways To Save Money on a Trip

 When you are on a trip, like when driving, you need to think about ways to save money.

  • Do some research on the free activities and attractions in the area you will be travelling through to get started. Check out the different cities, towns, and attractions in the area, as many of them offer free or cheap admission.
  • You can also lower the price of your meals by using coupons or discounts. If you want to save money, you should bring a cooler and cook your own meals instead of eating out. This way of getting ready for your vacation will save you money on food and make the food you eat better.
  • Also, if you go on a trip with other people, you can split the costs and make the journey cheaper overall. If you take the time to plan and make a budget, you can have a great road trip without spending all of your money.

How to Get Money for Your Road Trip Even if You Don’t Have a Job?

 If you don’t have a job and want to start over, a vacation on the open road could be a great way to take a break, clear your head, and start over. Taking a break and going on a trip can help clear your mind and show you new things and ways of doing things.

On the other hand, it can take a lot of work to save up the needed money. Personal loan options are available from a wide range of specialised lenders, which is good. Even if you have bad credit, these companies will send cash loans to your door and repay you weekly.

 This means that even though you’ve been having money problems, you might still be able to get the money you need to go on a road trip and start a new life. By getting the loan you need from these creditors, you will be able to change how your life goes.


 On a tight budget, the best way to see the world and have memories that will last a lifetime is to hit the road. If you plan and prepare for your adventure well, you can have a great time without spending much money.

 So, now is the time to start planning your cheap road trip so you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

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The Guide to Writing for a Travel Blog




Writing for a travel blog is a great way to share your travel experiences with the world and inspire others to explore new destinations. However, creating engaging and informative travel content requires a bit of planning and skill.

In this guide of perfect essay writing, we will explore the key elements of writing for a travel blog and provide tips on how to make your posts stand out.

Choose your niche

Before you start writing, you should decide on your blog’s niche or focus. Are you writing for adventure travelers, budget travelers, luxury travelers, or something else? This will help you determine the types of topics you should cover and the language you should use. It’s also important to consider the audience you want to reach and tailor your writing style accordingly.

Plan your content

Once you have identified your niche, you should plan your content. This involves brainstorming ideas for blog posts, creating an editorial calendar, and conducting research. Your blog posts should be informative, engaging, and relevant to your niche. Some ideas for travel blog posts include destination guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, and personal stories.

Write captivating headlines

Your headline is the first thing readers will see, so it’s important to make it attention-grabbing. A good headline should be descriptive, intriguing, and include relevant keywords. Use active verbs and avoid clickbait tactics that don’t accurately reflect the content of your post.

Use descriptive language

When writing for a travel blog, it’s important to use descriptive language to bring your destination to life. Use sensory language to describe the sights, sounds, and smells of a place. Provide details about the culture, history, and cuisine of the destination. This will help your readers imagine themselves in the destination and inspire them to plan their own trip.

Include practical information

While it’s important to make your blog posts engaging and interesting, it’s also important to include practical information that readers can use to plan their own trips. This might include information about visas, transportation, accommodation options, and local customs. Make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Add photos and videos

Visual content is essential for travel blogs. Adding high-quality photos and videos will help your readers visualize the destination and get a better sense of what it’s like to be there. Make sure your visuals are well-lit, in focus, and properly formatted for the web. You should also include alt text and captions for accessibility.

Engage with your readers

Your travel blog is more than just a platform to share your experiences – it’s also a community. Engage with your readers by responding to comments, asking for feedback, and encouraging discussion. This will help you build relationships with your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Promote your blog

Finally, it’s important to promote your travel blog to attract readers. This might include sharing your posts on social media, collaborating with other travel bloggers, and using SEO strategies to improve your search engine ranking. Be sure to promote your blog in a way that is authentic and aligned with your brand.


Writing for a travel blog can be a fulfilling and exciting experience that allows you to share your travel experiences with the world. However, creating high-quality content requires time, effort, and dedication. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can create engaging and informative travel blog posts that capture the attention of your readers and inspire them to explore new destinations. Remember to stay true to your niche, use descriptive language, include practical information, add visuals, engage with your readers, and promote your blog. Happy travels and happy writing!

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Adventure Travel

Jaisalmer Sand Dunes Package Options




jaisalmer sand dunes tour package

Jaisalmer- named after Maharaja Jaisal Singh, is the most historical city to visit in Rajasthan. Known for its rooted culture, traditions, heritage, architectural aesthetics, and colourful festivals, the royal town amid the Thar desert has way more to offer than just high heat. If you are looking for a Jaisalmer sand dunes tour package, this blog is curated just for you!

From exciting, adventurous sports to luxurious royal palaces, local Jain shopping markets, pubs and bars, the city is a popular choice amongst all local and international travellers. 

But, when considering the trip to this Royal Golden City in Rajasthan, planning is the only key to exploration. You need to have an adequately framed itinerary by expert travellers, well-versed with all the heritage and modern attractions of Jaisalmer, to make sure you explore each hidden gem and enjoy the best of the city. 

Travgenix– a trusted online booking platform, will help you with the best travel experiences and super-fast bookings at the lowest guaranteed prices.

Before Booking Jaisalmer Sand Dunes Tour Package

Find Out The Ways To Explore The City- 

Jaisalmer has a lot to offer within a small budget and we suggest if you are on a short vacay, book a Jaisalmer tour package for 3 days. Jaisalmer can be explored alone but unless you have a plan or guide assistance to help you dig into the royal soul, you’ll surely end up with fewer explorations, more expenses and regrets. 

Choose Your Jaisalmer Desert Safari Camping Stay

From luxurious palaces to budgeted hotels and hostels, accommodation is a speciality of the royal city. Even the smallest hotel in Jaisalmer is designed in the form of palaces filled with various highlights and amenities BUT when it comes to Jaisalmer desert safari camp package, Sam sand dunes and The Golden Dunes are the two of the best Options.

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer-

Spring and Winters is the best time to visit Jaisalmer due to the moderate temperature. Days and nights in these months are neither too hot nor too cold. However, all the seasons offer a different and beautiful vibe in the city, and you can plan your visit with Travgenix to Jaisalmer in any of the twelve months. 

3 Best Jaisalmer Sand Dunes Package Options:

Jaisalmer is the perfect definition of Rajasthan, and missing out on a trip to this city is one of the most significant losses for an authentic Indian adventure junkie. 

From vibrant markets to adventurous camel safaris, ancient fort views, dunes, endless desert and starry nights, we have short-listed three best Jaisalmer sand dunes tour packages that have it all covered for a Rajasthani lover in you. 

  1. Short and Crisp (New Year Special) Jaisalmer Desert Safari Tour Package- 
jaisalmer sand dunes package
  • Number of Days- 2 Nights and 3 Days 
  • Price- Rs. 8125/-
  • Start Point- Jaisalmer
  • End Point- Jaisalmer 
  • Availability- All Months 

Tour Highlights- 

  • Explore the ethereal sandstone beauty of Jaisalmer Fort
  • Gaze at starry nights while Camping at the Sand Dunes. 
  • Explore the beauty of the endless desert in Camel Safari. 
  • Enjoy Delicious Rajasthani Meals
  • Explore the local city art during Sightseeing and Shopping
  • Visit Gadisar Lake to see the excellent curation out of single yellow sandstone. 


Day 1- Arrive at the Golden City and explore local markets. 

Day 2 – Visit the Hidden Gems of Jaisalmer 

Day 3 – Explore nearby local villages and Departure. 

  1. Camping in Jaisalmer with Endless Desert Views:
jaisalmer desert safari camp tour
  • Number of Days- 2 Days and 1 Night.  
  • Price- Rs. 1750/-
  • Start Point- Jaisalmer Camp 
  • End Point- Jaisalmer Camp 
  • Availability- September to March 

Tour Highlights- 

  • Stay in Tented Accommodations in the desert. 
  • Go for an adventurous Camel Safari experience to explore the golden sands of the royal city. 
  • Enjoy Meals With A Village Vibe In The Desert, and enjoy Rajasthani folk music and dance. 
  • Enjoy a lovely Sunset View In The Golden Dunes. 


Day 1- Arrive at Jaisalmer Camp and enjoy Camel Safari. 

Day 2 – Enjoy delicious breakfast and Lunch amid the desert and departure. 

  1. Camping in Sam Sand Dunes:
Jaisalmer desert safari packages
  • Number of Days- 2 Days and 1 Night.  
  • Price- Rs. 2500/-
  • Start Point- Jaisalmer Camp 
  • End Point- Jaisalmer Camp 
  • Availability- September to March

Tour Highlights- 

  • A luxurious stay in the Thar Desert. 
  • Camel Safari while adorning the beautiful evening shades of the sky. 
  • Kalbeliya Dance Performances during Dinner for an authentic Rajasthani Experience. 
  • Bonfire after dinner for a light experience amid cold temperatures. 
  • Explore Shooting Locations for Hit Bollywood Movies. 


Day 1- Arrive at the Campsite and enjoy the beauty of the Thar Desert. 

Day 2 – Enjoy Rajasthani Breakfast and take back lifelong memories home. 

These are just some of the itineraries for Jaisalmer that will help you explore all the gems and experiences of the Royal City. If you wish to plan for a Golden Triangle Tour or a detailed Rajasthan tour, Travgenix library has everything arranged for you. 

Connect with our travel expert for the best experiences. 

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5 Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling




Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs on Trips

Bed bugs are a problem all over the world, but they’re particularly problematic in countries with a history of malaria. Here are five tips to help you avoid getting bed bugs while traveling, regardless of where you’re going.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs on Trips

  1. Check your hotel room before you check in: Bed bugs can hitch a ride on luggage or clothing, so it’s important to take a look at the room before you sign any paperwork. If there are any suspected bed bugs present, don’t stay in the room and call your travel agent or lodging company.
  2. Use a insect repellent containing DEET: Apply DEET roughly 1 hour before going out and about, whether you’re traveling to a country with bed bug problems or not. Don’t forget to reapply frequently, especially during hot weather conditions when bed bugs are more active.
  3. Create an exclusion zone around your sleep area: Bugs hate it when their environment feels crowded and they’ll usually hide when they know they’re being excluded from an area. All of your clothing and personal belongings should be placed within this zone while you’re sleeping, making sure that the baseboards, door frames and windows are also included.
  4. Check bedding for signs of infestation: If there is evidence that bedbugs have been in your room, inspect all of the bedding for blood spots or fecal material and discard anything that looks suspicious. Be especially vigilant about checking boxes springing from the mattress—these can be used by tunneling bugs to gain access to people’s heads while they sleep!

When to bring your luggage to the airport

Bring your suitcase to the airport clean and free of any excess luggage. You don’t want to risk bringing anything that could serve as a breeding ground for bed bugs. And remember, if you are traveling internationally, it is crucial to research the typical bug problems in each destination country before packing your bags! Bed bugs can also thrive inside suitcases that have been left open while being transported, so be sure to close all zippers completely when unpacking.

How to check your hotel room for bed bugs

When traveling to a new country, it is important to keep an eye out for bed bugs. Bed bugs are drastically increasing in popularity as a common bug problem in many countries around the world. If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs in your hotel room, there are a few things you can do to check for them.

First, look for signs of bedbug activity. This includes small reddish-brown spots on the sheets, furniture or walls. Second, use a vacuum cleaner with the highest dust setting to remove any debris from around the beds and seams where the bedding meets the wall or floor. Finally, examine the mattress and box spring for any blood stains or feces indications that bedbugs have been active in recent days/weeks.

Tips for avoiding bed bugs while in different countries

When traveling to countries with a common bug problem, be sure to follow these tips for avoiding bed bugs:

  1. Before you leave, inspect your bed thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Be sure to check the corners and crevices of the headboard, footboard, side rails, and under the mattress. If you find any sign of bed bugs or their eggs, take steps to rid your room of them immediately.
  2. Launder all clothing and linens that will be in your room before arrival using hot water and detergent. Dry them in a hot dryer on high heat for at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will kill any remaining bugs and eggs.
  3. Use a insect repellent containing DEET when outdoors and when travelling in crowded areas such as airports, train stations, and hotels. Follow the instructions on the product label carefully.
  4. Contact your health care provider if you experience symptoms such as sudden fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, trouble breathing, or fatigue after travelling to a country with a common bug problem. These symptoms could be early signs of bed bug exposure or an allergic reaction to the bug itself.


Since bed bugs are becoming a more common problem in developed countries, it’s important for travelers to be aware of thebest ways to avoid getting them while on their travels. Here are five tips:

1)Check your mattress and box spring for eggs and feces. These insects lay their eggs in these areas, so checking for clues is a good way to prevent getting bitten.
2)Avoid bringing items that could harbour bed bugs into your hotel room – this includes luggage, electronics, linens and any clothing you may have brought from home.
3)Select hotels that use rigorous bed bug-free inspection procedures – look for labels like “certified Bed Bug Free” or “ certified by an approved body”.
4)If you do get bitten while traveling, clean the wound as soon as possible with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment if it becomes infected. And finally, don’t forget to tell your doctor about your travel experience so they can identify any potential disease.

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