Best Places for BBQ in Dubai?

Best Places for BBQ in Dubai?

Dubai is not only famous for attractive tourist destinations, but also known for delicious foods including BBQ.  So, in this regard, find a nice area, light up the grill, and dig into some delicious barbecue. We’ve compiled an amazing list of the best public BBQ sites in Dubai for your convenience. If you are wondering about the “Best Places for BBQ in Dubai,” the following locations are excellent options that are accessible through yacht rental Dubai.

Best Places for BBQ in Dubai

1. Deserts of Dubai

2. Live BBQ at Yacht Rental Dubai

3. Barbecue in Jumeirah Beach Park

4. Community Barbecues Stations

5. Hatta Hill Park

6. BBQ Donut

7. Dubai Creek Park

8. Palm Grill


1.     Deserts of Dubai

Aside from Dubai’s many parks, the desert is a great place to see a different side of the emirate. Eventually, go to Al Qudra Lakes, which are part of the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, to relax and enjoy the views and wildlife. Even though there aren’t any barbecue stands or pans on site, you can bring your own. Just remember to clean up after yourself so you don’t hurt the protected environment. It gets cooler at night. So, if you want to BBQ in the deserts of Dubai in the winter, make sure to bring something warm.

2.     Live BBQ on Yacht Rental Dubai

Nothing compares to a sea voyage accompanied by the smell of a grilling steak. Nothing like exploring the stunning waters of Dubai on your luxury yacht rental Dubai while chewing on some tender steak. You should exercise extreme caution when using the yacht’s grill, lest you burn yourself or the vessel. So, grills for boats come in a wide range of styles, each with its own set of advantages. Pick the BBQ grill that best fits your needs and your wallet. Further, you can also enjoy BBQ on our Lotus Mega Dinner cruise or even on sunset cruise.

3.     Barbecue in Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park has long been a favorite of locals for being both a beautiful green space and a convenient location for outdoor gatherings in the city of Dubai. You may reach here through yacht rental Dubai services. It’s important to note that cooking on the sand is not allowed if you plan on having a cookout at Jumeirah Beach Park. Only the approved barbecue areas, which feature grills and lots of seats, may be used. Further, Preschoolers can burn off some time in the playroom while their dinner is cooked.

4.     Community Barbecues Stations

Residents of The Greens can’t grill food on the balconies of the villas or apartments they own or rent in the community. This is to keep people safe. It’s possible that there are set places in the neighborhood where you can get your BBQ yacht rental Dubai party. Thus, all high-rise apartment buildings must follow the rules that apply to one building. For example, people who live in flats or villas at JBR have access to shared grilling areas all over the complex.

5.     Hatta Hill Park

A village in the mountains of Dubai called Hatta is a popular place for both tourists and people who live there. One can go to town through yacht rental Dubai to get away from the responsibilities of everyday life. The charming Hatta Hill Park is a great addition to the area.  So, start by hiking up the magnificent mountain so you can see the amazing, huge rocks and a settlement from the top. Work your way down and enjoy a well-earned barbecue when you’re done. There is a special playground for kids, a sports field, and a big jogging track. Thus, your busy day can start with a trip to Hatta Lake or Hatta Wadi Hub and end with a filling lunch at this great BBQ restaurant in Dubai.

6.     BBQ Donut

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s BBQ Donut is the only place in the city where you can cook food in water. The main idea is that it’s a boat in the shape of a doughnut with a grill in the middle and a cooler full of food from a set menu, including vegetarian options. Each meal takes about an hour. And thus, if you need to, you can sail for a little longer. Eventually, you can reach by availing yacht rental Dubai services. It’s a great place to take visitors to Dubai or if you want to have a romantic date night.

7. Dubai Creek Park

In terms of fascinating places for BBQ in Dubai, Dubai creek park must be on your bucket-list. It’s one of the oldest parks of the city located by the Creek side, an oasis in the middle of the old city. There’re are multiple cycling spots as well as kids play areas for an entire family fun. Indulge yourself in some of the best engaging entertainment activities like karting and mini-golf. All you have to do is, bring your picnic basket, your favorite cuts of meat, charcoal, and fire up for a memorable picnic with your beloved ones.

8. Palm Grill

For a truly unique BBQ experience, there could be no better place than beautiful beachfront in a laid-back environment. Enjoy a 180-degree view of the city. Pam Grill Dubai offer a wide selection of beach grilled specialties. Come and dig into generous buckets of freshly caught seafood, complemented by island-inspired cocktails. Admire the Arabian sunset while enjoying the beach side grilled specialties. Palm grill offers an open grill station served during lunch and dinner. come with your family or friends for endless memories.


Reconnecting with family, friends, and even coworkers is one of the greatest gifts of the holiday season. Residents of Dubai may be familiar with the city’s many alternatives such as availing yacht rental Dubai for excellent family time. But tourists who fly in for the weekend are likely to be surprised by how many things it is possible to do in Dubai. Since the weather is perfect, the holiday spirit is at its peak.

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