The Ultimate Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning


Everything is simple in theory but tougher in practice, just like the End of tenancy cleaning. Well, you want to leave the property in the perfect state. Also, you have to ensure carefully that the cleaning matches the expectation of your landlord there should be no obligations. 

Moreover, if the property is not in the liable state, it might get you into some serious issues, which can cause some real problems afterward. Also, the rental agreements clearly state that tenants are asked to leave the property in a very good condition as it was in the beginning. 

However, it’s a little difficult for the tenants to carry out. That’s why companies like HireTradies provide great services in End of tenancy cleaning Auckland

Moving on, cleaning can be challenging for individuals like you, especially the in-depth cleaning required while leaving the rented house. Thus Deep cleaning Auckland can be an easy task for you if you hire some professionals who have made a huge client base.

You must allow them to restore your landlord’s house to its highest standards. Here are the tips for end-of-tenancy cleaning and the reasons to hire professional services for End of tenancy cleaning Auckland. 

Kitchen Cleaning

Before washing the floor, remove the harmful objects from the space, and wipe down the counters and the spills. Though, where the mill is prepared & also the kitchen is the first place to become dirty. 

However, to ensure it looks clean and perfect to your landlord, you must organize the kitchen properly. 

Bathroom Cleaning

The second most important thing in the house is the bathroom. Moreover, if your washroom is made of marble and stone, be sure to use the most suitable specialized cleaning product. 

Also, remove the hair from the drains, tubs, sinks, and taps. Try to clean the washroom properly and make it how it was before you took the house for rent. 

Cleaning the House

Hire professional cleaners for Deep cleaning Auckland if you want your carpets or window covers to be cleaned. You can also rent a steam cleaner or use carpet cleaning machines available in the market. 

Remove the dirt from the rug by scrubbing them gently. 

Bedroom Clean

It would be best if you replaced the items such as bedsheets, pillow covers, blanket covers, and comforters with new ones, Or the items must be cleaned properly. Wash and dry the curtains to make them look neat and tidy. 

With the vacuum cleaner, clean away all the dust from the floors, carpets, and curtains, and clean out the picture frames properly with a soft cloth. Wash the furniture from top to bottom, and remember not to use water on the wooden things. 

Moving on, here are some issues you should consider for satisfactory End of tenancy cleaning Auckland and the reasons to hire professional cleaners like HireTradies

Hidden Areas

There are some hidden areas like balconies, garages, and garden areas. However, they don’t require the same level of cleanliness as the inside of the house, but still, there is a need for basic cleaning. 

However, if you think some areas don’t require cleaning, you must get clear with your landlord to avoid any discrepancy. Moreover, there are some other areas that you may forget, like the room’s walls.

Though these areas need a bit of cleaning that will not take much time, some areas, like picture rails, etc., might need a more detailed wipe-out to remove the dust from them. 

The Right Areas are Left Empty

The right areas include cupboards, shelves, and storage, especially in the kitchen. You should ensure that all the dirt is removed in terms of Deep cleaning Auckland. Moreover, you should also ensure that certain items are kept, like kitchenware and cutleries. 

In addition, some other hidden areas include cupboards under the basement or the stairs or the place under the sofa. Also, you need to make sure that the electrical items, like a refrigerator, washing machine, etc., are kept in a good position like the way you got them. 

So, these things are most important before the End of tenancy cleaning Auckland is going to happen to make sure you and your landlord both are happy with each other. 

Extra Cleaning on Specific Areas

The third and last thing to consider is carrying out the extra cleaning on the specific areas. Moreover, It’s important to clean these specific areas for deeper cleaning. Now, some of the areas that require extra cleaning are: 

First, Window Cleaning: The window should be cleaned properly, it requires cleaning from the ins and outs, and you might also need ladders for the high-level windows. 

The Second One is Carpet Cleaning: You might need a cleaning machine to clean your carpet properly. First, dusting out the carpet with a vacuum is mostly required. After cleaning the carpet, remove that extra dust from the floor also. 

The Third One is Oven Cleaning: The oven might get full of dirt and will require a perfect cleaning to make it look the way it is. So, clean the other things too, like trays and grills that are there with the oven. 

The Difference Between Regular Cleaning & End of Tenancy Cleaning

There are two main differences in depth and End of Tenancy Cleaning. It is important to keep your home clean regularly by sweeping and mopping surfaces. However, they are often insufficient to pass end-of-lease property cleanliness inspections.

The sink hasn’t been washed since the move as part of the End of tenancy cleaning Auckland. The cleaning service you employ should clean the entire home, including hard-to-reach places like under furniture or TVs, nooks, and crannies.

Cleaning should be done properly at the End of the house, leaving no stone to turn and no part of the property is uncontrolled.

The conclusion

Get your property in the perfect condition with Deep cleaning Auckland services from HireTradies. You can just visit our website and call on the number provided. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours. 

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