All You Need to Know About the Fashion of Kolhapuri Chappals

kolhapuri chappal for women

Comfortable, beautiful, and perfect to wear for Indian wear, Kolhapuri chappals will make a great addition to the ethnic wardrobe of any fashion diva out there. Soon after you zero in on any ethnic outfit, you are required to match the same with the right footwear. While there are all types of sandals as well as stilettos available for modern divas, Kolhapur chappals for women are the best options in flats. 

The t-strapped, open-toed leather flats in the case of designer kolhapuri chappals for women will complete your entire outfit with an ultimate finishing touch without making you feel uncomfortable.  

An Overview of Kolhapuri Chappals and Its Benefits 

Kolhapuri chappals for women are the most preferable handmade footwear pieces that are quite famous in the Kolhapur district. They are manufactured with the help of leather and vegetable colors. Kolhapuri flats are offering the ultimate style of open-toed footwear as they are available as both stylish and comfortable pieces for your feet. The t-strap slippers are comfortable for wearing on both daily casuals and big celebrations while also serving your daily purpose for college or office wear.  

An Insight into the History of Kolhapuri Flats 

The origins of Kolhapur chappals date back to the time of 13th century. These footwear pieces originated in the state of Maharashtra wherein the royal families of the state referred to as ‘Saudagars’ was known to explore the exclusivity of the Kolhapur chappals. Slippers featuring Indian handicrafts feature leather tanning and are manufactured locally with the help of vegetable dyes. This procedure imparts the footwear a sandy brown hue.  

Fancy or designer kolhapuri flats appear attractive and appealing. Moreover, these are ideal for wearing with traditional Indian wear. They serve as perfect add-ons for the ethnic wardrobe of any individual. The open-toed and T-strap sandals like kolhapuri sandals are handcrafted. When you take proper care of these footwear pieces, they can even last a lifetime. All you are required to do is to keep them away from moisture.  

Kolhapuri chappals appear great with formal or casual wear including t-shirts and jeans as well as ethnic fashion wear. These slippers have witnessed immense innovations in the preceding decade. Recently, they have made a comeback in the fashion era all across the nation and the world.  

On Which Occasions can You Wear Kolhapuri Chappals? 

Kolhapuri chappals have been revolutionized by leveraging different styles as well as colors while complementing any contemporary bride as well. They are not only great for walking across the wedding aisle when you are the bride but also highly comfortable for tapping your feet as you dance around on special occasions. 

The color palette that is available for Kolhapuri slip-on will range from metallics to neutrals, pastels, and vibrant shades like pink, olive, fuchsia, and teal. Diverse styles of heels like wedges, kitten heels, and stilettos are also present at leading stores like Fizzy Goblet. These help in creating a unique combination of both divas of all statures. Some of the popular kolhapuri styles available online are: 

  • Kolhapuri with crystals 
  • Plain brown chappals 
  • Colorful embellishments on the slip-on sandals 
  • Colorful kolhapuri flats with exquisite embroidery 
  • Silver kolhapuri chappals 

What are the Latest Trends Related to Kolhapuri Chappals? 

The styles of traditional chappals are accessible in tan brown hues while featuring thread woven intricately into dedicated flaps with the help of fur balls available in the middle. As time passes on, a wide range of innovative designs are available. Every designer slipper is designed to suit multiple preferences of different individuals.  

The color options in these chappals are innumerable. Several twists are added to the core designs of kolhapuri flats -including unique embellishments like pearls, stones, and sequins. These help in making the attractive chappals look perfect and attractive for formal occasions. Attractive designs included in the traditional style have made Kolhapur chappals a must-have for all young divas.  

The ultimate shoe style has served as the go-to option for a number of Bollywood celebs while styling them up with different outfits -ranging from dresses to kurtis to jeans as well. 

Worldwide Appeal of Kolhapuri Chappals 

For all those coming to India, Kolhapuri chappals remain on top of their shopping lists. The overall modern, trendy, ethnic, and relaxing quality of these footwear designs have made them highly sought-after options in leading nations of the world as well. These are highly renowned across different parts of the world -including Canada, the UK, America, the Middle East, European Nations, and several other nations across Asia.

Beautiful Variants of Kolhapuri Chappals Available Online 

There are several variants of designer kolhapuri chappals for women that are available online, including: 

  • Kolhapuri Flats with Crystals: You can opt for beige-colored sandals featuring crystals in grey or white. The open-toed slipper will appear perfect when paired with ethnic wear like salwar kameez, sarees, palazzo suits, and so more. The chappals are designed out of synthetic leather while also being available in different shades. 
  • Colorful Kolhapuri Flats: With the presence of colorful floral embroidery, these designer flats will deliver an elegant finish to any outfit. These flats are usually crafted out of rubber.  
  • Embellished Kolhapuri Flats: These designer kolhapuri chappals for women feature hue-filled embellishments that will make your entire look stand out. These are usually available as slip-on sandals featuring a round-toe design while being designed out of faux leather. These stylish kolhapuri flats can also be paired effectively with western outfits.  


Kolhapuri Flats from leading designers like Fizzy Goblet is beautifully agreeable to leverage them with all your ethnic wear and even casual wear. Another great aspect of these footwear pieces is that they are useful for overall well-being as it helps in reducing the overall warmth of the body. This is the reason why these footwear pieces are great for tropical and warmer regions. Another reason is that the generous positioning of the footwear allows you to be immensely comfortable throughout. You can shop for heavily embellished and embroidered kolhapuri flats for women from Fizzy Goblet to grab your favorite piece.  

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