Dr Rajendra Prasad birth anniversary: Inspirational quotes from India’s first president


dr Rajendra Prasad was India’s first President from 1950 to 1962. He was also a well-known lawyer, activist and philosopher. During the Indian independence movement, he played a central role for Bihar and Maharashtra as a member of the Indian National Congress.

On December 3, 1884, he was born into a Kayastha family in Ziradei, Bihar. His mother, Kamleshwari Devi, was a devout Hindu who would delight her son with stories from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, while his father, Sahai Srivastava, was a scholar of Sanskrit and Persian.

On the occasion of the 136th birthday of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, we have compiled some of his words of wisdom to help you find your own ‘self righteousness’.

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Here are some of his famous quotes:

  • To achieve our goals, our methods must be as clean as the end result!
  • With weapons of mass destruction now at man’s disposal, the human species itself faces serious extinction.
  • I am sure that your personality will aid in healing wounded souls and restoring peace and harmony in an environment of distrust and confusion.
  • We must remember all those who gave their lives for freedom.
  • Actors can’t streak through the woods forever.
  • For the first time in our long and turbulent history we find the entire vast territory…united under the authority of a single constitution and a single union, taking responsibility for the care of the more than 320 million men and women who occupy it .
  • We have become so accustomed to being dependent on English precedent that it seems almost sacrilegious to have a different reading, even though our situations and circumstances seem to warrant a different interpretation.


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