TravoZone is a woman-owned company that developed a unique AI-powered solution for the travel industry

TravoZone, the new emerging traveling company

November 30, 2022 12:30 p.m IS

New Delhi [India]November 30 (ANI/SRV): TravoZone, the new emerging travel company, is born with a vision to “travel together” and a mission to “empower travelers.”
It was founded to inspire and empower world travelers by offering extensive options and instant bookings at competitive prices.
TravoZone is a women-owned company inspired by founders Vijayshri Shrivastava and Sweta Srivastava, who believe that both domestic and international travel helps people learn about themselves and the world.
In 2015, Vijayshri and Shweta had a bad experience while planning a family vacation with the support of a professional travel company. The so-called high-level professional travel company offered limited options with above-average costs. Frustrated by the lack of flight and hotel options with unexpected hidden costs, Vijayshri and Shweta were inspired to start TravoZone.
TravoZone is an IATA accredited travel company providing travel related services to the global market with a unique range of products and services. The organization provides travelers looking for their next destination with the technology to secure the best deals, convenient flight options and explore local destinations at their leisure.
Vijayshri shares, “Our mission is to empower travelers by providing them with all available options at prices that fit their budget.” Traveling is an experience that Sweta and I both enjoy and we enjoy doing it together , which is why we want to give other families and friends the opportunity to travel together.

TravoZone soon developed an innovative AI-supported solution for the travel industry. Travelers, as well as venture capitalists and angel investors, need to be on the lookout for more information.
The technology to be developed by TravoZone will offer avid travelers the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with the consultants of professional travel agencies by equipping the customer with a powerful device Possibility of flight booking to search and book.
With the innovations and developments in artificial intelligence, Vijayshri and Shweta plan to make these developments available to travelers via TravoZone to cater to customers looking for the best options to book their dream vacation.
Shweta said, “We will be backend agents for our clients at a fraction of the cost associated with professional agencies.” “We believe our clients will use this reduced cost to book more vacations through TravoZone each year .” Through the use of new technologies, TravoZone offers its customers travel options that are delivered to their handheld devices in record time.
Based in Thane, Maharashtra, India, TRAVOZONE is an IATA accredited travel company and can be reached at www.travozone.comon Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@travozone).
TravoZone’s services and products include airline tickets, hotel and alternative accommodation bookings, and bus ticketsVacation planning and packingng, car rental and additional travel requirements such as facilitating access to third party travel insurance.
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