Here Are Four Hill Stations To Head For On Your Honeymoon This Winter


The winter season has only just begun, which means honeymoon preparations aren’t far behind. It is the ideal time for couples to start planning their vacation and make reservations. There are numerous amazing honeymoon destinations in India but for those of you who enjoy the cool weather, the imposing mountains and the pleasant, quiet time on the hills, this honeymoon travel guide is for you.

Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

Where better to spend your honeymoon than in paradise? Kashmir has already received its first snowfall of the season and is looking stunning. There is no better time than now as tourism in Jammu and Kashmir is booming. Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Dal Lake are among the must-see attractions in Kashmir. You can take a shakara ride or spend the day together on a houseboat. Snowy Kashmir will take your breath away at this time.

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And Ladakh

If you and your partner enjoy outdoor activities, Ladakh Union Territory is an ideal honeymoon destination. The stunning scenery ranges from rocky terrain to snow-capped mountains. Khardung La Pass, Pangong Lake, Sangam, Magnetic Hill, Zanskar Valley and Nubra Valley are among the places to visit in Ladakh. You can take part in adventure activities, go hiking or taste the local cuisine.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Known as the ‘Scotland of the East’, Shillong is an alluring destination for newlyweds. It is the capital of Meghalaya and home to cascading waterfalls. People visit the hill station for a variety of reasons including scenic landscapes, green mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, museums and cafes. Shillong Peak, Umiam Lake and Elephant Falls are among the attractions. Residents are upbeat and the city reflects a vibrant culture. Taste the local cuisine; You will be pleasantly surprised.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Also known as the “Princess of Hill Stations”, Kodaikanal is a hill town in Tamil Nadu. Its cool and misty atmosphere will lift your romantic mood. Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Guna Caves, Pine Forest and other attractions can be found here. This place is ideal for couples who don’t have much time for their honeymoon.

Consider these beautiful places if you are planning a honeymoon this winter.


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