Appetite for international travel rebounds strongly in 2023: Scott Dunn


Scott Dunn’s recent annual year-end guest survey shows that the appetite for international travel has returned among luxury and ultra-high net worth travelers in Asia, although a sizeable proportion remain somewhat reticent.

While 46% say they can’t wait to get on a plane and travel abroad, 31% prefer to take a more measured approach to travel and remain wary of potential travel disruptions in the New Year. Additionally, 19% also want to get out but not too far from home, reflecting a more measured approach.

Luxury travelers want to experience culture, food and drink, local life and people

Many travelers are also fed up with the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic and are looking forward to their long-awaited freedom to travel. All respondents (100%) said they will take at least one trip in the next year, an 87% increase from 2022 – 71% would like to take at least two trips in the next year, while 22% would like to travel four or more times in 2023.

An emerging trend among luxury guests overseen by Scott Dunn is slow travel – the highest preference among guests would be to spend a week or two in a single destination, underscoring their penchant for fully exploring and discovering a place.

The top three things that luxury travel segment guests look for on vacation are cultural experiences, food and drink, and experiencing local life and people. This reflects a desire to truly connect with and discover the destinations they visit, rather than visiting as a more traditional and disconnected tourist.

Discovering a new travel destination ranked first as a reason to travel in 2023, followed by ticking off bucket lists at second and rediscovering favorite places at third. In contrast, last year ticking off wish-list destinations came only fifth behind rediscovering favorite places, meaning more luxury travelers are genuinely trying to step out of their comfort zone and visit new, unexplored places.

4,000 guests from Asia took part in the survey.


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