Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Masters Of The Metaverse


In the garage, Morty understandably begins to freak out. Back Leon escapes through a portal that Rick describes as a hole in the fourth wall that leads to the metanarrative level. Yes, it will be soon the kind of episode.

The two go in search of the previous Leon in the metanarrative layer, presented as a landscape with paths to various archetypes and tropes of the story. Rick notes that the entire premise is “a bunch of groaning puns for seven television critics who won’t even enjoy it.” First of all – ouch? And secondly, yes, exactly.

Rick and Morty find the previous Leon hiding – where else – literally in the weeds. The branches even spell out “Weeds”. But hold on tight folks, because we’re only one layer deep in this meta matryoshka doll. After chasing the previous Leon into a ravine, he begins to pray (another callback to Never Ricking Morty, which uses prayer and religious themes to prolong the narrative). And just like that episode, Jesus Christ is coming, and so is Story Lord.

Of course, since the entirety of Never Ricking Morty took place in a toy train sold as Rick and Morty merchandise, Rick has no recollection of either Jesus or Story Lord. However, Morty has been playing with the toy train and recognizes them as characters from it. Story Lord explains that he used the biblical story in which he was included at the end of this episode to transcend reality and enter the metanarrative level. Jesus rips the wings off the previous Leon, then punches the shit out of Rick and Morty, ending with what Rick calls “The Bane” when Jesus slams Rick on his knee, crushing Rick’s spine.


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