“I’d Prefer An Intimate, Destination Wedding” — Actor Aditi Rao Hydari


Travel+Leisure India & South Asia special edition Weddings & Honeymoons’ Cover star, actress Aditi Rao Hydari, opens up about her idea of ​​a romantic getaway, an idyllic honeymoon spot, and why she likes close, intimate weddings. By Chirag Mohanty Samal

Excerpts from the interview with Aditi Rao Hydrari

Aditi Rao Hydrari
Hydari feels that every place you travel to with your partner becomes a romantic getaway. (On Hydari: Black Bahaar anarkali, price on request, Bhumika Sharma; price on request; Gold Filigree Oversized Baalis with Pearls, INR 4,000, Ritika Sachdeva)

T+L India: How hard is it to always be your best version? What do you do to keep your skin glowing and your body fit?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: I went to college and now I’ve become a nerd. I wasn’t before, I just relied on genetics. But over time I’ve become more mindful because as actors we have irregular schedules and odd sleep times. A lot of the directors I’ve worked with wanted me to be on screen with no makeup on. So it’s about the little things that come with time – like not abusing your body.

But at the same time, you need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. You need to eat healthy, but indulge your cravings every once in a while – eat these chocolates! It’s about balancing things.

Most importantly, keep yourself happy, then you can channel that happiness into whatever is happening around you. Happiness is contagious and people cling to it. You might be the most beautiful person in a room, but if you’re unhappy, you won’t make anyone happy.

T+L India: How do you keep fit while travelling?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: The easiest would be to do a 10-15 minute functional routine. I have a feeling that if you’ve behaved with your food and kept your timing, as little as 15 minutes is enough to feel good.

I’m not a fitness fanatic and I don’t want to be addicted to something like this because it’s addictive. I want to be able to exercise when I can and not feel terrible when I don’t. I love yoga and dancing very much, so I try to do that whenever I can.

T+L India: How does traveling inspire you as an actor?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: Travel broadens your horizons and makes you less judgmental. It makes you accept different people and cultures. For me, traveling means celebrating differences and diversity. When I travel I feel like a five year old because there is so much to experience. The unknown has a sense of adventure and I love that.

T+L India: What is your idea of ​​a Romantic trip?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: When you are with the person you love, every place becomes beautiful. It’s about two people feeling comfortable and happy in each other’s company.

But with the work I do, it would be good to go to a place where you can seamlessly be part of a different environment. Where you can just relax, let your hair down and not worry about anyone identifying you. I long for this anonymity.

T+L India: What do you think is an idyllic honeymoon destination?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: Tuscany and some places in Portugal are beautiful. In general I like Europe because I love the history and the culture is very different in different parts.

T+L India: you shot Jumeirah Sadiyaatwhat did you like about the property?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: The expanse of an empty private beach and the blue sea. I love being by the sea – I find it very romantic, beautiful and musical. I love the sound waves. Just being here (on the property) made me breathe easy and it felt peaceful. Everything was moving in slow motion, I enjoyed that feeling.

T+L India: What kind of wedding would you prefer – a lavish destination wedding or a close intimate affair?

Aditi Rao Hydrari: I prefer an intimate Destination wedding, which is a close affair because I believe celebrations need to be with your closest people. It’s their blessings that matter most, and it’s about feeling the love at that point.

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What’s on your travel bucket list? South America and Korea for their beauty industry.
A place in India you’re dying to explore? The Northeast and Madhya Pradesh.
The first thing you do when you reach a new place? Find out where to eat!
Most memorable vacation to date? As a little girl, I spent every vacation with my mother, grandparents and cousins ​​in Mangalore and Ooty.

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