Best budget-friendly winter honeymoon destinations in India

With winter just around the corner, newlyweds or those tying the knot in the coming months may be planning their best vacation destinations honeymoon Period.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet scenic honeymoon destination to fly to with your significant other, we’re right here to help you choose the best one

The cool weather and beautiful views can be a rewarding time for travelers to pack their bags to one of these destinations for a unique travel experience that can be one to remember for a lifetime.


What could be a better place to plan your honeymoon than Ooty, popularly nicknamed the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’? The zigzagging streets of this quaint scenic spot in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu will stun your sight with the lush green plantations and you can have quality time with your partner roaming the beautiful gardens, tranquil lakes and lovely historical buildings and enjoying the cool air that delights the senses forever.


If you are looking for places where you can have a positive spiritual experience and be literally completely immersed amidst breathtaking natural views, Lonar in Maharashtra is the perfect place to head out for a wonderful honeymoon. Not only will you learn all about Lonar Lake, a designated National Geo-Heritage Monument, you can also take a day to explore the stunning temples in this beautiful city

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If the mountains have always attracted you, Khirsu in Uttarakhand is the perfect honeymoon destination. With your lover by your side, you can have a romantic time hiking and enjoying the beauty that only mountain landscapes can offer. With breathtaking views of the sun-kissed Himalayas, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime. In addition, the place full of pines, tall oaks, old deodar trees and apple orchards will make your honeymoon a time of wonderful rejuvenation far from the mad crowds

One place where you can find a blend of rich spiritualism and divine beauty is in Nahan, a lesser known city in Himachal Pradesh. This scenic town in the high Shiwalik hills in the Land of the Gods or Devbhoomi will take your breath away with its mesmerizing greenery along with beautiful religious sites and amaze you with the tales and tales associated

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If ancient history amazes you and you long to explore places full of mysterious stories, Orchha would be the perfect place for you. Founded by the Rajput ruler Rudra Pratap Singh on the banks of the Betwa River, you can spend quality time with your partner exploring the majestic forts and temples, admiring the stunning architecture and learning about its rich history from a local guide

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The place popular with honeymooners and known for its backwater tourism is Kumarakom in Kerala. Not only can you enjoy the rich biodiversity of this place of natural beauty, but you can also have a romantic time with your partner by cruising away in a houseboat in the calm waters.

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