Nirmal district’s ‘hidden gems’ to become eco-tourism spots in Telangana- The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: Hidden gems in Nirmal district, Turkam Cheruvu and Venganna Cheruvu in Dimmadurthy Range are to be developed into ecotourism attractions.

Turkam Cheruvu is tucked away amidst the district’s dense forests, while Venganna Cheruvu has been described as a bird watcher’s paradise with plenty of perches for bird life.

Indian Forest Service Officer Mohan Chandra Pargaien, District Forest Officer Vikas Meena, Nirmal Division Forestry Department Officer Siddharth Vikram Singh and other officials visited these lakes and a proposal for possible ecotourism development was submitted.

Siddharth Vikram Singh said, “These two are the largest lakes in the region and they are in close proximity to the town of Nirmal, so their development as eco-tourism spots will increase local people’s income.”

“We have proposed installing bird watching towers, eco-cottages, night camping and stargazing, boating and kayaking on the lake, floating houses and stone signs along the nature trail without severe ecosystem disruption. We are also planning to host a jungle safari along the 10km route by connecting both lakes. The proposal still needs to be approved by headquarters.”

“These activities will provide employment for local people as they can set up food stalls, work as guides on the safari, manage boats, cottages and other activities.”

Vikas Meena said: “Turkam Cheruvu is one of the largest water bodies in the area, covering 55 hectares. It is a perennial body of water as it receives water from the Saraswathi River all year round. Venganna Cheruvu extends over 25 hectares and is home to various species of birds.”

“Both places are rich in biodiversity. The main goal behind the ecotourism proposal on these lakes is to provide a livelihood for the local people, to let the people participate as much as possible and to focus on the conservation of the natural habitat,” he continued.

Turkam Cheruvu and Venganna Cheruvu have huge potential to create jobs for local people and boost tourism, said IFS officer Mohan Chandra Pargaien.

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