5 things to do in Munnar

5 things to do in Munnar

5 things to do in Munnar

May 27, 2022 at 6:07 p.m
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5 things to do in Munnar
Munnar is also known as the “Kashmir of South India”. (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Located in Kerala, Munnar is a stunning hill station that used to be a resort for Britain’s Raj elite.

Surrounded by cascading waterfalls, tea plantations, dense forests, picturesque valleys and blessed with pleasant weather all year round, Munnar is the ideal place for your summer vacation.

Munnar is known for a rare plant called Neelakurinji.

Here are five things to do in Munnar.

Enjoy a fun Shikara ride at Kundala Lake

kundala lake will enchant you with its stunning scenery and serene atmosphere.

The adjacent hills and valleys of Kundala Lake are known for the rare and exotic Neelakurinji flowers that bloom every 12 years.

You can enjoy one Shikara Horseback riding at Kundala Lake while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Here you can also row boats and pedal boats.

Go on an elephant safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park

Do you want to experience a funny elephant safari in Munnar? Then proceed to Carmelagiri Elephant Park, one of the main tourist attractions in Munnar, especially for children.

You can take a short elephant ride of 10-15 minutes while observing the sprawling tea plantations, tall trees and rolling green slopes.

You can also click some pictures and feed the elephants fruits.

Take a stroll through the Tea Museum

The Tata Tea museum was established in 2005 to provide tourists with some basic information about tea processing.

The museum houses the rotorvane, a traditional tea roller used to process CTC tea.

It also houses the Kundale Valley Light Railway Engine, Pelton Wheel generating electricity, Iron Furnace, Magneto Telephone, Wooden Bathtub, Manual Calculators, etc.

Here you can try different types of tea.

Enjoy a Kathakali dance performance at Thirumeny Cultural Center

If you want to feel the true essence and culture of South India, you must attend a Kathakali dance performance when in Munnar.

This traditional Indian dance form features colorful costumes, makeup, and face masks, and usually focuses on telling stories from Hindu epics.

You can visit Thirumeny Cultural Center to see the dance performance which is Kerala’s cultural symbol.

Taste local Munnar cuisine

You must try authentic South Indian cuisine when in Munnar.

Appam with stew is a popular meal here, where there is soft thick rice pancakes with wafer-thin shells are served with a creamy coconut-based sauce.

You must also try Puttu & Kadala Curry which is a popular breakfast in Munnar.

Idiyappam with egg curry, Kerala shrimp curry and Malabar paratha are also must-try items.

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