5 Secret Trails Near Shimla That Only Locals Know Of!

Trails Near Shimla

The mountains give you a home no matter where you come from or where you are. They offer travelers the comfort we didn’t know we needed. Dense forest covers, abundant wildlife and secret gems for hikers – the mountains are mystical. Himachal Pradesh is one such state that welcomes travelers of all types from those who want to spend time in solitude to those who want to explore and experience adventure. And since Shimla is one of the tourist hotspots, it still has numerous mysterious trails and hikes that are always ready to surprise the adventurer in you.

And what better way to know the hidden spots of a place than from the locals. We bring you a sorted list of hiking trails near Shimla that will make you addicted to trekking!

1. Seepur

A walk from the legendary Mashobra to Seepur is a feeling you will remember forever. Stroll through the pretty pine forests and visit the picturesque villages in the area. For the adventurer in you, an absolute treat for your soul awaits. Not only pretty landscapes, but you will also come across old bungalows built during British eras – a must see to know how these structures add to the beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

2. Potter’s Hill

One of the best hiking trails near Shimla, you start at Potter’s Hill to hike through forests, valleys and even waterfalls. On this trail you will come across pretty villages. This trail is a mixed route with a climb, a walk along a creek, and more. After you have reached the Cecil after a long walk, you can also be picked up from your destination. As you explore the corners of this trail, you will really see what Shimla’s flora and fauna is all about. Hands down one of the best hiking trails near Shimla that you can step on.

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3. Naldehra

Naldehra is a place only the locals of Shimla are well acquainted with and an absolute must to enjoy the wilderness of Shimla’s beauty. The place where the trail starts is a picturesque place with breathtaking views. The path is the one you want to walk leisurely during a relaxed journey. The mountains and hills of Shimla nestle many hidden hikes and by interacting and talking to the locals try to find out more about the hiking trails near Shimla that aren’t a tourist hotspot!

4. Charabara

This path starts in Mashobra and ends in Charabara. In case you didn’t know, Charabara is also the place where the president’s summer residence is located. A beautiful architectural British country style home that is a sight to behold. On one of the scenic trails near Shimla, you will come across a panoramic view of the Himalayas. A sight that will enchant your soul. If you are in Shimla and it is not raining from cats and dogs go to this place to see this beauty.

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5. Chanshal Pass

Oh! You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this destination – the Chanshal Pass. It is one of the highest peaks in Shimla and home to some breathtaking views. What makes this place different from the rest is the fact that it offers you scenic landscapes and landscapes regardless of the season you visit the place.

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