5 Must Enjoy Places Near Munnar


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The largest tea growing area in South India is Munnar, tucked away in God’s Own Country in the most breathtaking settings imaginable. This stunning mountain town at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters offers stunning low mountain range scenery and an overwhelming layer of fog, giving you the dreamy experience you have been longing for. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter dirty environments and bad traffic, but these problems only exist in the city center. After a few kilometers, beautiful shades of green of plantations, lovely blues of the sky and amazing landscapes appear, transporting you to a fantastic realm.

Standing 2,100 meters above sea level, this mountain is as fascinating as you think. This hill offers a quick and easy hike that can be completed in a single day and is home to the outstanding Shoals Forest.

There is no need to introduce this national park. But we bet you’ve seen it more than once in all Munnar’s tourist attraction pictures so far! The Nilgiri Tahr, a native animal of the Western Ghats, calls this park home, one of the best that Kerala has to offer. It covers an area of ​​97 square kilometers. The Neelakurinji flowers bloom every 12 years and are another attraction of this park, located on the 2,700-meter Anamudi Hill.

Kundala Lake should be on your bucket list if you want to see a lake that reflects your image in the most fascinating way. Located approximately 20 miles from the city center, this lake offers stunning views of rolling green hills covered in unparalleled cherry blossoms. And if you’re lucky, you might even see some coveted Neelakurunji flowers! Here you can go boating in traditional row boats, modern pedal boats and Kashmiri Shikaras!

This waterfall, about 30 miles from Munnar, originates from the Eravikulam creek. Your longing for a picturesque sight will be satisfied by the dazzling white appearance of the falls, reminiscent of silk. Next to this waterfall is a small shop offering delicious treats from Malabar cuisine.

Lockhart Gap is the place to be if you want to act like a kid again and play in the hazy fog. The heart-shaped crevice between the two nearby mountains that this beautiful place sits in gave the place its name. Not only will you be amazed by the cloud cover in this valley, but also by the quiet seclusion and the faint aroma of freshly brewed tea!

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