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Boulder County-area cone zones for Aug. 8-14, 2022 – Boulder Daily Camera





• 30th Street and Colorado Avenue Underpass Project: Left turns will be restricted west, east, and south for underpass construction. Sidewalk detours where indicated (sidewalks closed in south-east quadrant). Use temporary intersections at 30th/Euclid Avenue and Colorado west of the intersection. Cyclists merge with the traffic. Northbound bus stop closed on 30th (BOUND); get on at the next stop. Estimated end date is December 31st.

• North Broadway. The sidewalk will be upgraded to concrete and buffered bike lanes will be installed. Vehicle lanes will be shifted to existing northbound lanes and bike lanes. The sidewalk on the west side will be closed. Please use the east sidewalk. The bicycle and pedestrian diversion will travel west along Ninth Street and the multipurpose path. Activity time 7am to 5pm
Expected end date is December 30, 2022.

• Baseline. There will be a one lane closure at Baseline from 17th Street to 14th Street for a fiber optic backbone project in the city. Flags are used to support traffic. The activity time is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Estimated end date is August 31st.

• Arapahoe Road and Handel/Eisenhower. The crossing will be completely renovated for a signal master set. There will be no work the week of August 15 due to CU move-in week. Work will resume the following week and is expected to end on September 15th.

• Hill Hotel. Westbound Pleasant is open to local transit from Broadway to Alley. The east lane is closed. This is for the demolition of old buildings and water pipes and new sewer works. The activity time is from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Expected end is January 31, 2024.

Boulder County

• Sugar Loaf Street. Due to an unsafe and crowded work zone, Sugarloaf Road between Colorado 119 and Betasso Road is to be closed for the next four weeks at the following times: Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sugarloaf Road will remain open in a single lane configuration through the work zone at all other times. Boulder County is currently working on the final 2013 flood restoration project on Sugarloaf Road. The project includes the construction of five retaining walls, drainage improvements and the rebuilding of approximately 2,000 feet of roadway just above Colo. 119 and will include a 4-foot shoulder in the uphill lane. In addition, CO 119/Boulder Canyon Drive will be reduced to one lane during working hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). The project is expected to last until October, weather permitting.

• Annual Paving Works: Work will occur in the following order: 79th Street between Colorado 52 and Niwot Road; Monarch Road between 79th Street and the Diagonal Highway (Colo. 119); 73rd Street between Diagonal Highway and Niwot Road; Niwot Road between Diagonal Highway and 73rd Street; 63rd Street between Jay Road and Boulder town limits; Second Avenue in Niwot; and Valmont Road between Boulder Creek and 61st Street. Each section will take about a week to build, with the exception of Second Avenue in Niwot, which should take two to three days. The paving work involves milling the old road surface and laying a layer of new asphalt. Motorists and cyclists must expect one-lane closures in construction sites. Flags are used to guide travelers safely through construction work; Expect delays and be careful when passing through the zone. The work will take place Monday to Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is expected to continue through August, weather permitting.

• Olde Stage Road Project: A major redevelopment project has begun on the Olde Stage Road between the Lee Hill and Lefthand Canyon ramps. In addition to refurbishing the entire Olde Stage Road, work will include widening the southern portion of the road for a 1.2m hard shoulder to be installed in the uphill lane to provide more space for cyclists, pedestrians, emergency services and disabled vehicles . Drainage improvements will also be installed. During working hours, the road will be reduced to one lane in several sections, which will result in travel delays of up to 15 minutes. Old asphalt is milled, so the speed is reduced on uneven ground. Cyclists may consider avoiding Olde Stage Road during construction. Driveways may be inaccessible for up to 30 minutes during paving as the asphalt must cool before motor vehicles can safely cross it. The crews will coordinate with the homeowners throughout the project. This is the final phase of a major Olde Stage Road reconstruction project that included the creation of two large retaining walls and the replacement of a culvert at Six Mile Creek with a larger and stronger structure capable of accommodating larger currents during potential flood events. The work will take place on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The project is expected to last until October.


• LaMont Does Park car park: The LaMont Does Park car park along South Boulder Road is closed. The Saratoga Drive parking lot will remain open and accessible for overflow parking. The restrooms at the LaMont Does car park are also closed. Temporary restrooms are available in the Saratoga Drive parking lot.

• South Boulder Road: South Boulder Road is in a two-way/head-to-head configuration on the north side of the street. Eastbound and westbound traffic will continue to use this configuration while crews install the storm sewer pipe. The westbound South Boulder Road at Saratoga and Merlin Drives will have a through lane and a left turn only lane. Prepare for regional delays.

• RTD Bus Stop: RTD bus drivers using the South Boulder Road stop on Robin Hood Street can catch the bus at the next stop on Sir Galahad Drive on South Boulder Road. Traffic must stay on the designated routes.

• South Boulder Road Sidewalk: The sidewalk on the south side of South Boulder Road from Saratoga Drive to 120th Street is closed. Pedestrians and cyclists should follow the diversion signage on the sidewalk and use the sidewalk on the north side of South Boulder Road in this area.


• Long’s Peak Avenue. The road will be temporarily widened between Sunset Street and the Sunset Pool parking lot, and the two lanes will be moved south to allow construction equipment to be parked on the north side of Longs Peak Avenue. There will also be initial work on the waterline that runs under Sunset Circle. Residents and commuters should schedule the following construction work through August during working hours Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• Chipseal Roadwork: Chipseal work will be performed citywide on Third Avenue from Martin Street to Colo. 119; Addie Rose Lane; Alpine Lane; autumn dish; carbide dish; drift place; Eldora Square; independence drive; Kinnikinnick Court; North Shore Drive; Snowbank Court; Trevor Circle; and Trevor Court. Affected households and businesses will be informed in advance. The work is expected to last until September.

Weld County

• County Road 4.5: WCR 4.5 is closed from WCR 23 to WCR 23.75 through September 2 due to a need to rebuild the bridge and replace guard rails.

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Travel Camera

The Lululemon Belt Bag Was the Perfect Accessory for My Two-Week Hawaiian Honeymoon




Condé Nast Traveler

I used to think perfect duffel bag didn’t exist — until I stumbled across the now-viral Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in May. Back then my long awaited Hawaiian honeymoon was about three weeks away, and I had spent months tracking down a compact speakerphone shoulder bag Pocket. I needed something that could get me hiking and snorkeling in the mornings, followed by leisurely afternoons of sunbathing, shopping, and sipping mai tais.

Back then, the Lululemon belt bag came in two sizes: Standard and Extended. I originally wanted the extended length in black; However, due to availability I ordered the purple extended bag and the more versatile regular length black bag. The strap lengths only varied by a few inches and I figured I could always return the regular version if it was too short.

I wasn’t ready to love her as much as I did — in fact, I ended up putting both options in my suitcase. As I slung one of the two bags over my chest, I was immediately struck by how light it felt. (So ​​much so, in Maui, for a moment I thought it had been lost.) Plus, despite its compact size, each contained a full day’s essentials: an SPF stick, a bottle suncream, AirPods, my iPhone, credit cards, cash, my ID, a lip balm, and to top it off, a disposable camera. Even after putting all of these things in the fanny pack, I didn’t feel the strain (read: no shoulder pain!) like I used to. While I mostly mean as handbag, shoulder bagYou can also wear it around the waist, fanny pack style.

Lululemon Everywhere bum bag

The clever design is another great benefit: instead of one main compartment, the Everywhere bag contains multiple zipped and mesh pockets, which helped me stay organized on the go. The secure front pocket provides easy access to my most packed items, like my driver’s license and AirPods.

As someone who tends to spill and soil my clothes, I also appreciate the Everywhere bag’s water-resistant polyester fabric, which is incredibly easy to clean. A wet napkin is really all you need to clean up ketchup stains, spilled coffee, sunscreen residue and the good old dirt and debris that can accumulate after a long hike.

Lululemon has since phased out the original bag in favor of the longer strap design, now referred to simply as the Everywhere Belt Bag. And although the bag’s popularity means it’s been sold in and out lately –check here to see if it’s back online – it was previously sold in a range of shades including a pretty pastel pink, simple black, bright light purple and more. If you see one you like, be quick – it may not be around for long and if you do get your hands on one I’m confident it will become your new favorite bag.

[Editor’s note: As of publishing, the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag was in stock on Amazon and eBay. You can also check your local Lululemon store for inventory.]

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Travel Camera

Complicating the Plot – Surfline




[All photos and vid by Ryan Valasek]

Not all Strike missions are home runs or even base hits. Some are deletions. No thugs. During a recent surfing trip to Nicaragua, longtime California travel buddies and Xcel team members Christian “Cram” Ramirez and Ryan “Snacks” Valasek didn’t exactly hit thousands right from the start. But they were determined to at least stay in the game.

What was supposed to be a carefree, easy-peasy surf surfer ended up being spoiled by a crazy emergency going to Texas to expedite a passport renewal, all the usual and a few unusual diverted flights, and, oh yeah, an overzealous drug dog. “There were so many setbacks when I actually got to Nicaragua, I feel like it took years of my life,” Cram said. “It almost got to the point where I expected something to go wrong.”

Despite all the difficulties, the duo made it. And what they found was worth all the hoops they had to jump through along the way.

Snacks: “This trip was a huge stepping stone for Cram and me. We had been planning trips for a while but everything was put on hold with COVID so we just surfed locally while waiting for some travel restrictions to be lifted. I was camping up in Bend, Oregon with bumpy service when I happened to receive this text message from Christian: “We’re going to Nicaragua next week. I just bought a plane ticket.” I had had all these other plans but just canceled them, bought my ticket to Nica and flew home to California to pack. We left three days later.”

WATCH LIVE: Santana surf cam

Plug: “I knew I had to renew my passport to travel, but the only available slot across the country was in El Paso, Texas. I learned this 48 hours before I left for Nicaragua. After packing my gear with all the gear I needed for the trip, I drove from SLO (San Luis Obispo) to Santa Ana and then went on a 36 hour passport mission to El Paso. Finally, two days after leaving my home in SLO, I met up in Rancho for snacks.”

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Nicaragua’s regional surf forecast

Plug: “Six hours before our flight, I received an email from the Nicaraguan government saying we were denied entry into the country. Without hesitation we booked new flights to Costa Rica that were an hour later than our original flights to Nica. We landed in Costa Rica, got through customs, and then this drug dog started going crazy on my bag. After two hours of interrogation, while my pockets were being torn apart – and I had resisted several offers of bribes because I knew I wasn’t carrying anything illegal – I was finally able to leave.”

Snacks: “For this trip I brought the camera case I’ve had for a number of years: a Sony A7riii, a couple of prime lenses, a surf lens and a water case with a small lens mount. I’ve paired them with some of my favorite film cameras – a Yashica-D medium format camera and a Contax T2 point-and-shoot.”

Plug: “I really only have one window on the outer reef, but it shot. I had it all to myself, which was a little scary to find out on my own. The wave had an insane spin from a boil at launch. When I found out, the game was on. I had surfed for two hours, caught six waves and was ready for a marathon session when a storm hit. It started raining sideways so hard I could barely see land. It was just pouring rain. That was the end of my dream session, but I’m eyeing this wave for future strikes. There is still work to be done!”

CONTINUE READING: Nicaragua Travel and Surfing Guide

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Travel Camera

What is a blockchain oracle, and how does it work?




Oracles provide a means for the Web3.0 ecosystem to link to existing legacy systems, data sources, and advanced calculations.

Blockchain oracles connect blockchains to external systems, enabling the execution of smart contracts based on real-world inputs and outputs, Cointelegraph reports.

Oracles provide the Web3.0 ecosystem with the ability to connect to existing legacy systems, data sources, and advanced computations.

Decentralized oracle networks (DONs) enable the creation of hybrid smart contracts that combine off-chain infrastructure and on-chain code to create complex decentralized apps (DApps) that respond to real-world events and interact with traditional systems.

Because the blockchain is a distributed ledger, each node in the network must produce the same output given the same input. For example, if one node tries to validate another node’s transaction, the result will be different. This architecture was designed with determinism in mind.

In blockchain, consensus is the technique to agree on a data value, and determinism is essential for nodes to reach consensus. Some of them, such as B. Proof-of-Work (PoW) with Nakamoto consensus and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with Byzantine consensus may be recognizable to you. Consensus is one of the main reasons blockchain works in the first place.

The blockchain oracle riddle reveals a fundamental limitation of smart contracts: they cannot be linked in any way to data or systems outside of their native blockchain context. External resources are referred to as “off-chain,” while data currently being recorded on the blockchain is referred to as “on-chain.”

Software oracles deliver data from digital sources such as websites, servers or databases, while hardware oracles deliver data from the physical world. In addition, hardware oracles can deliver and forward data from camera motion sensors and RFID (radio frequency identification) sensors. Oracle software can provide real-time data such as exchange rates, price fluctuations, and travel information.

Oracles create a two-way communication channel with blockchains by sending and receiving data. Incoming oracles are more likely to deliver off-chain or real-world data to the blockchain than outgoing oracles. Additionally, the imported data can represent almost anything from asset price movements to weather conditions to payment verification.

A common scenario that can be programmed for incoming oracles is: when an asset reaches a certain price, you place a buy order. Outgoing oracles, on the other hand, notify the outside world of an event that has occurred in the chain.

(With insights from Cointelegraph)

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