Martinique Rescinds All Pandemic Travel Restrictions




Effective July 30, Martinique lifted all pandemic-related restrictions on international travelers visiting the French Caribbean countries, officials with the Martinique Promotion Bureau said in a statement.

The move follows lawmakers in the French Parliament declaring the country’s Covid-19 health emergency over. The law authorized the termination of “subsequent extraordinary measures taken at the onset of the COVID pandemic,” officials said.


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As an overseas department of France, international travelers arrive Martiniqueincluding U.S. travelers, no longer need to fill out forms or provide proof of vaccinations prior to arrival in the country, or present a health card upon arrival.

Additionally, otherwise unauthorized visitors are not required to provide “further justification for travel” or “compelling reason” for entering Martinique. Other travelers are longer required to provide an “affidavit of non-contamination and a requirement to undergo an antigen test or biological screening upon arrival in the country,” officials said.

Martinique canceled local COVID-19 lockdowns in April, allowing restaurants, bars and nightclubs to resume evening operations. The move allowed tourism professionals to see light at the end of the tunnel, said Bénédicte di Geronimo, the country’s tourism minister.

On September 15, Martinique was included in UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere report program led by Karine Roy-Camille, Deputy Director of the Martinique Tourism Authority. Roy-Camille remains Vice President of the Martinique Biosphere Reserve Association.

Martinique’s induction into the UNESCO program was the second significant recognition of Martinique’s tradition by the organization, following December 2020 Yole sailboat inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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