Xala Mexico New Environment-Friendly Town And Travel Destination


A place was developed to promote sustainability and make tourism environmentally friendly. Known as the Xala, it is located in Costalegre, Mexico, on the Pacific Coast south of Puerto Vallarta. Visitors will be allowed to enter the region from 2023. The focus is on creating community-focused activities that target farming, agriculture and sustainability.

According to media reports, it is a 3,000-acre undeveloped beach five miles long, a home for turtles, a reforestation farm and ranch, a mango field and two estuaries, and a skate park. The co-founders of this sustainable region are Ricardo Santa Cruz and brothers Jeronimo and Juan Bremer in partnership with Jonny Schliereff.

The plan is to build the city first, followed by boutique hotels and luxury homes. For water supply in the region, Xala developers are in talks with the state government to bring water to 230 families and 2,400 acres of land. To set up new turtle camps, they have preserved Ceci Martinez’s legacy. She maintained a small turtle sanctuary for 20 years until her passing in 2021. A cultural center where students can learn art, dance and music and a learning center have also been established.

The successfully opened Heart Park has a lot of adventure and sport to offer. Xala also has enough space to practice and encourage skating. All skateboard lovers who love skating can go to Xala. If you want to learn to skate, the region offers you safety training as well as courses so you can become a skater.

In addition to skating, Heart Park will also host local street art, host events and collaborate with skateboarders and artists.

Xala will soon open to the public with 150 apartments, three 150-room hotels and no golf courses.


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