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Ahmedabad: Two travel agencies from Navrangpura fled with Rs 1.51 crore, which they took from 31 people, after promising to get student visas or work permit visas, says FIR was filed with Navrangpura police on Sunday.
helicopter Patel, 24, a resident of Sola, said in her FIR that she is pursuing an engineering degree in IT and is pursuing higher studies abroad.

Travel agencies fly at night cheated at 1.58cr from 31

In January, her father, Mukund Patel, who works for a private company on Sindhu Bhawan Road, met the defendant. expected Suthar who ran a travel company in Navrangpura.
Anvay told Heli to pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam first and then he would help her get a student visa Canada and admission to a Canadian university.
After passing the IELTS test, Heli approached Anvay who took her documents like college certificates, school leaving certificate, birth certificate and passport.
On March 16, Anvay called her and said she had secured admission to Algoma University in Canada, for which she had to pay 12 lakh.
Heli said she paid Rs 9 lakh to Anvay and Rs 3 lakh to his business partner Ravi Suthar.
Later Ravi told her that she would have to pay Rs 5,000 more to get a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) for Canada. Heli said she paid that amount too, after which Anvay and Ravi told her she would be approved in two months.
Unable to get admissions papers, she checked with the university in Canada and found that her fees had not been paid. As she approached the duo, their phones were off and she also found that her office was locked.
She later learned that there were 30 others like her who had been cheated out of Rs 1.58 crore by the two.
Navrangpura police registered charges of fraud, breach of trust and criminal conspiracy against the two defendants.


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