Where you will travel in August, as per your zodiac sign

You’ll learn the art of multitasking this month as you have to prove your mastery at seminars in China or Dubai. A short trip to Pondicherry or Kanyakumari is on the agenda and full of meditation and happiness. At work, anything can require your attention. In order to build a good team to accomplish tasks, you may need to travel to Jaipur, Lucknow and Varanasi. Doctors, medical students and pharmacists take part in seminars in Germany or India. For some, weekends are free so you can focus on a long-awaited family trip to Phuket or Cambodia. Others enjoy the beach in Goa or Daman.
tip of the month: Concentration and intention will get you there.


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Being consistent and successful requires a transformation in thinking and acting. Seniors notice your calmness and reward your efforts with a bonus and a promotion. You can take a business trip to Sikkim or Kathmandu to enjoy the mountains. Those of you in the telecom industry will travel to Mumbai and Delhi. In company you will enjoy meetings, dinners and trips with friends to Spain and Croatia. Your finances are strong, allowing you to indulge in luxury on a trip to London and Ireland. Those who were looking for a partner could meet someone special on a pilgrimage to Amritsar.
Tip of the month: smile and forgive


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This month you will manage to clean up the clutter in both your personal and professional life. At work, a job change and trips to San Francisco or Sydney can cheer you up. For others in independent businesses, initial hiccups will go away, especially as you work your way up the ladder. A mid-month vacation in Bangkok and Pattaya will be fun. Your seniors may need flattery if you are involved in research. Those of you who are involved in media and advertising will win awards and prizes in Mumbai and Kolkata. Others are encouraged to take a short break from their organization to study in Bengaluru or Singapore. Socially, your calendar is blocked with a fun trip with friends to the Maldives or Phuket.
Tip of the month: Be in harmony with everyone, especially in your travels.

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