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How Kisitu built his multi-million tours and travel business




Charles Morgan Kisitu has embarked on a journey of self-realization that has taken him from being a potter on a construction site to being a taxi driver and Chief Executive Officer of a well-respected tour and travel company.

His story is a testament to perseverance. With no qualifications other than the zeal to work, Kisitu reached his turning point on a trip to Masaka, where he was assigned to drive Father Dennis Dease, a priest from the United States who became curious during the trip and wanted to know why a young man of school age drove a taxi.

How he started
The priest was a first-time visitor who had come to Masaka District for a pastoral conference. At the time, Kisitu was working at Kitooro in Entebbe designing taxis for passenger loading.

The job paid him Shs 40,000 a day, which was good money for a young man in 1998. In addition, the job connected him with several people. While the drivers were waiting for passengers, he asked them to give him driving lessons.

The job would also save him some money, which he used to earn a driver’s license in 2000 for Shs 150,000. One morning he asked one of the car owners who had two cars to allow him to use his other car to pick up passengers from Entebbe International Airport and he agreed.

capital city
He would work and transfer the money he earned and receive a scholarship. He did that for two years, during which he saved up and bought his own car. In 2003, six months into self-employment, he met Father Dease, who hired him to meet his transportation needs for the seven days he was in Uganda while going about his duties.

“During our conversations, however, Father Dease was concerned about why I was working at such a young age. At that age he thought I should go to school. I informed him of my challenges. Aside from taking care of my siblings, I told him I was working to save some money to go back to school,” says Kisitu.

This was during the journey to Masaka where the priest was going to attend the conference. The two talked about many things and the possibilities that the young man could explore.

life changed
His biggest dream was to become a tour guide. Three days later, Father Dease left Uganda, taking some of Kisitu’s personal details with him.
After a year he contacted Kisitu and informed him that he had sent him a package via DHL.

“In my mind I thought it was clothes. However, he had sent me details of an academic scholarship from the university he was collaborating with,” says Kisitu. He had initially dropped out of school in the fourth grade.

So how should he continue? he wondered. He consulted Father Dease, who explained that he had processed the scholarship and offered it to him based on the details he had shared during the conversation.

Kisitu filled out the application forms, scanned them and sent them back to the priest. After two weeks he received a call to get another package, still from DHL.
By this time the taxi had started making him enough money to enable him to purchase a piece of land and build a house, which he did. He had also found a girlfriend and had a son.

Difficult Decision
Although he needed the scholarship, he had a young family, so he had to make a difficult decision.

After giving it some thought and taking his new family into account, he saw fit to turn down the scholarship.

“I informed Father Dease who spoke to me through a friend and gave me three days to collect my visa at the American Embassy in Kampala and my tickets at KLM. I felt an opportunity slip from my numbers. It was a difficult moment, but I reconsidered my previous decision and decided to go to the University of Saint Thomas in a state called Minnesota in the US,” Kisitu continues.
He was enrolled in university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and entrepreneurship. He studied while working and earning as an intern at a company called Best Buy Electronics.

After graduating in 2010, he was hired as a full-time employee for a year. All the time he was in touch and supportive of his family but needed them to be able to focus and be productive so he started working on the process to get them to join him in the US.
He was successful. He enrolled in another entrepreneurship course at the university which required him to give a presentation, which he passed and earned a starting capital of US$75,000 (Shs 270 million).

Safari project
He has always had a fascination with tours and travel, so his idea was to develop a safari project.
“I didn’t think the idea would go down well, but everyone was intrigued. I did it so it would help me give back to my community back home, since I was raised as an orphan,” he explains.

After graduating and winning the seed capital, he felt he would be more productive back home in Uganda than in the US.

So he planned to return home. In January 2011 he returned to Uganda to pursue his dream of starting a tour and travel company.

The registration process and the formation of the company cost him US$2,500 (Shs9 million). He named his company 1,000 Shades of Green Tours and Safari Company inspired by his love of nature and the fact that Uganda is gifted with different shades.

Kisitu also runs a charity.

The first trip he made was to Murchison Falls, where he saw different shades of color, among other things. He adds, “I wanted to start a business that would carry the thought of what I saw and a business that wasn’t constrained by anything.”

While starting his business in Uganda, Kisitu was blessed to organize safaris throughout East Africa which has helped him understand multiple product offerings while introducing potential clients in countries such as the US, Canada and Australia.

He then arranged for his first clients to climb Kilimanjaro, from which he made no money because he miscalculated and ended up topping up $150 (Shs 500,000) to successfully complete the trip.

What was the biggest win you’ve ever made as a tour operator? I ask. “I organized an air trip in 2018 where my sponsor was traveling with a couple who wanted to fly to the Serengeti and I made a profit of US$25,000 (Shs 90 million) from it.”

His greatest loss was the one he suffered after being scammed by someone who overheard a conversation he was having on the phone with a client.

The scammer, a hairdresser, contacted him along with a group of people who told him they had a box full of fake dollars that would become real if they bought a certain chemical and dunk them in it.
Kisitu hesitated to believe them, but something inside him urged him to try. He told them to buy the chemical, but they told him they couldn’t afford it because it was expensive.

They told him his investment would double. He believed them and waited for his share with interest, which has never arrived to this day.

He learned that from now on his goal would be to make money in a clean way.

He advises anyone who wants to do business to remain steadfast. And those who want to start a tour and travel business need to know the travel and tourism destinations they want to sell.

“It took me two years to learn about the national parks and the animals there. You also need to understand where to get what accommodation. You need to know about the high and low end hotels because you have all classes of customers and you can’t sell what you don’t know,” he advises.

He adds: “On a busy day, you exchange 50+ emails with clients asking about many things. So you need to know what you are selling. You have to be a good communicator or have someone who can do the job well.”

And finance is a central part of business. The tourism merchant has an external auditor and an internal auditor who checks his business books. He also has an accountant who oversees cash flows.

Help others
Based on his childhood experiences, Kisitu runs a charity to help those less fortunate.
“I do this with proceeds from my businesses including See Them Grow charity

Foundation, 1000 Shades of Green Tours and Safari and 78 Band,” he says.
His business tip is: No one will ever do your business the way you do it. “People will never have the vision and dedication that you have for your own business. So you have to know your business and be present there, and you have to be a servant and not the boss,” he says.

As the founder of the Safari company he is paid Shs10million a month for what he does which includes driving clients to destinations, setting up and sometimes cleaning the office and safari cars.
On his wish list is the goal of retiring at the age of 55. He is currently 44 years old.

“I’m trying to support some of my employees and my children with the takeover. I have two sons. One is 21 years old and the other 17 years old and still studying in the USA. I’ve been working with them since they were five because I want them to take over while I focus on my charity work.

He employs 48 people – 25 in the safari company, 12 in the charity and 11 in the bar and restaurant.


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These aspects have all contributed to Pratik Restaurant’s reputation as the best restaurant in Mumbai.These factors come together to make Pratik Restaurant the best restaurant in Mumbai.

For all these reasons, Pratik Restaurant is the best restaurant in Mumbai.


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Experience the Beauty of Switzerland with a Tailor-Made Tour Package




Beauty of Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that is famous for its stunning natural beauty, picturesque villages, and alpine landscapes. A Switzerland tour package offers visitors the opportunity to explore this enchanting country and experience all it has to offer.

Convenience and Time-Saving

One of the main advantages of booking a Switzerland tour package is the convenience it provides. Planning a trip can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the country. A tour package takes care of all the logistics, such as transportation, accommodation, and itinerary planning, leaving you free to simply enjoy your vacation.

Moreover, Switzerland tour packages are designed to save time and ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the country’s must-see attractions. With a well-planned itinerary, you’ll be able to visit all the top landmarks and experience the best of Switzerland without having to worry about logistics or navigating the country on your own.

Tailor-Made Options

Switzerland tour packages come in a variety of options, catering to different budgets, interests, and preferences. Tour operators can customize packages based on individual needs and preferences, providing a more personalized and unique experience.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly package or a luxury experience, there is something for everyone. You can choose from packages that include sightseeing tours, scenic train rides, cable car rides, and more. If you’re a first-time visitor, a comprehensive tour package that covers all the country’s highlights is an excellent choice. These packages typically include visits to popular landmarks like the Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, and the Swiss Alps, along with other attractions like the Rhine Falls, Chillon Castle, and the city of Zurich.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more adventurous experience, you can opt for a package that includes activities like hiking, skiing, and paragliding. Some packages focus on specific interests like food, wine, or culture.

Value for Money

Switzerland tour packages offer excellent value for money. By bundling transportation, accommodation, and activities into a single package, tour operators can negotiate better rates with hotels and attractions, which they can then pass on to customers.

Moreover, tour packages often include additional perks like complimentary meals, airport transfers, and free entry to select attractions. These inclusions can add up to significant savings, making a tour package a cost-effective way to experience the best of Switzerland.

Expert Guides and Local Insights

Another advantage of booking a Switzerland tour package is the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of expert guides. Tour guides are typically locals who know the country inside out and can provide insights and tips that you wouldn’t find in a guidebook.

They can help you navigate the country, avoid tourist traps, and introduce you to local customs and traditions. Moreover, they can provide a deeper understanding of the country’s history and culture, making your trip a more enriching experience.

Safe and Secure

Switzerland is a safe and welcoming country, but like any destination, it’s important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Booking a tour package ensures that you’re in safe hands, with experienced operators who prioritize safety and security.

Tour operators use licensed drivers and vehicles, and ensure that all activities are conducted in compliance with safety regulations. Furthermore, many tour packages provide travelers with a local SIM card, making it easy to stay connected with loved ones and emergency services in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, Switzerland is a country that offers endless opportunities for adventure, luxury, and relaxation. Booking a tour package is a convenient, affordable, and safe way to explore all that this vibrant destination has to offer. With a wide range of options available, there is a Switzerland tour package to suit every budget and

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9 Interesting facts about Himachal Pradesh




If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, consider visiting Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful state in northern India is known for its stunning natural scenery, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. In this blog post, we’ll share 10 interesting facts about Himachal Pradesh that will inspire you to book a Himachal Pradesh tour package from Chandigarh and explore this incredible region for yourself. In addition to being India’s top tourist destination, Himachal Pradesh has a lot more to offer

The highest cricket ground in the world-

Cricket is a beloved sport in India, and fans of the game will be thrilled to learn that there’s a unique cricket ground in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh that’s worth a visit. This cricket ground is not just any ordinary cricket ground – it’s actually the highest cricket ground in the world, situated at an altitude of 2,444 meters above sea level. The cricket ground is located in the small town of Chail, which was once a summer retreat for the Maharaja of Patiala. The ground was built in 1893 and is surrounded by stunning mountain views. It’s a perfect spot for a game of cricket, but playing at such a high altitude is not without its challenges. The thinner air can make the ball travel faster and higher, and players may find themselves getting tired more quickly due to the lower oxygen levels.

Land of the Gods-

Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India, is known as the “Land of the Gods.” This beautiful region is nestled in the Himalayas and is home to many important Hindu temples and pilgrimage sites. One of the main reasons Himachal Pradesh is called the “Land of the Gods” is because it is home to many important Hindu pilgrimage sites. The state is considered a sacred place by Hindus, and many people come here to pay their respects to the various gods and goddesses worshipped in this region. Some of the most important pilgrimage sites include the Brajeshwari Devi Temple in Kangra, the Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan, and the Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali.

The Taboos Village himachal pradesh-

Nestled in the remote Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh lies a unique and intriguing village called Taboos. This small village is known for its rich cultural heritage, unique architecture, and stunning natural scenery. One of the most striking things about Taboos village is its unique architecture. The village is home to an ancient monastery that dates back to the 10th century, and the buildings in the village reflect the traditional architecture of the region. The Taboos Monastery is one of the main attractions in the village, and it’s easy to see why. The monastery houses a valuable collection of ancient Buddhist scriptures, and the walls are adorned with beautiful frescoes and paintings. Visitors can explore the monastery and learn about the history and culture of the region.

Held India’s first Paragliding competition himachal pradesh-

Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India, is known for its stunning natural beauty and adventure sports. In 1986, the state made history by hosting India’s first-ever paragliding competition in the beautiful town of Bir. Since then, paragliding has become one of the most popular adventure sports in the state, attracting visitors from all over the world. The town of Bir, located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, is considered the paragliding capital of India. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys, making it an ideal location for paragliding. The first paragliding competition held here in 1986 was a major success, and since then, Bir has hosted several international paragliding competitions, cementing its reputation as a premier destination for paragliding enthusiasts.

A smokeless zone-

Himachal Pradesh is known as a “smokeless zone” due to its strict laws and regulations on smoking in public places. The state of Himachal Pradesh takes its status as a smokeless zone very seriously. Smoking is banned in all public places, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and parks. The state government has implemented strict penalties for those who violate these laws, including fines and even imprisonment in some cases. The designation of Himachal Pradesh as a smokeless zone is significant for several reasons. First, it helps to promote a healthier environment for both residents and visitors.

Has two world heritage sites-

Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state, is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites are recognized for their cultural and historical significance and attract visitors from all over the world.

The first World Heritage Site in Himachal Pradesh is the Great Himalayan National Park. Located in the Kullu district of the state, the park is known for its stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. The park is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species such as the snow leopard and the musk deer. Visitors to the park can enjoy a range of activities, including trekking, camping, and wildlife spotting. The second World Heritage Site in Himachal Pradesh is the Mountain Railways of India. This UNESCO World Heritage Site comprises three different railway lines, all of which are located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. These lines are the Kalka-Shimla Railway, the Kangra Valley Railway, and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The lines were built in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and are considered engineering marvels for their use of innovative technologies and materials.

A major hydropower generator-

Himachal Pradesh is a major hydropower generator in India, thanks to its abundant natural resources such as rivers and mountains. The state has the potential to generate up to 27,436 MW of hydropower, and currently has an installed capacity of around 10,000 MW. Hydropower is a renewable and environmentally-friendly source of energy that uses the flow of water to generate electricity. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with a number of rivers and mountain ranges, which provide ideal conditions for the generation of hydropower. The state has several large hydropower projects, including the Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station, which is the largest hydroelectric power plant in India, with a capacity of 1,500 MW.

Nature’s ice skating rink –

Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India, is home to several natural ice skating rinks. These rinks are formed during the winter months when the temperature drops below freezing, and provide a unique and exhilarating experience for visitors. One of the most popular natural ice skating rinks in Himachal Pradesh is located in the town of Shimla. The rink is situated in the heart of the town and is surrounded by beautiful colonial-era buildings and picturesque snow-covered mountains. Visitors can rent skates and enjoy skating on the rink, which is open from December to February each year. Another popular natural ice skating rink in Himachal Pradesh is located in the town of Dalhousie. The rink is situated in the Khajjiar valley and is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and snow-covered peaks. Visitors can enjoy skating on the rink, which is open from December to February each year. Manali, another popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh, is also home to several natural ice skating rinks. The most popular rink is located near the Manali mall road and is open from December to February each year.

Miniature Switzerland-

Khajjiar, a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh, is often referred to as “Miniature Switzerland” due to its stunning natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. The town is located at an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level and is surrounded by dense forests, rolling hills, and a beautiful lake. One of the main attractions in Khajjiar is the Khajjiar Lake, which is surrounded by lush green meadows and tall deodar trees. The lake is crystal clear and reflects the surrounding mountains, creating a stunning and picturesque scene. Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake or simply sit and relax while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Himachal Pradesh is a truly unique and special place, offering a wide range of experiences for visitors to explore. From natural ice skating rinks to picturesque landscapes, from world heritage sites to hydropower generation, the state has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in adventure sports or simply want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh is a must-visit destination. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Himachal Pradesh truly deserves its title as the “Land of the Gods”. It’s a place where visitors can experience the magic of nature, learn about the local traditions and customs, and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you’re planning a trip to India, make sure to include Himachal Pradesh in your itinerary. You won’t regret it!

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