Travel news: Iceland bathing spots and world’s best hiking trails


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(CNN) — In this week’s travel news, Spain is offering free train rides, Southwest Airlines is making its vouchers valid forever, and we take a look at the world’s greatest hikes and Iceland’s best swimming spots.

wild world

As Shark Week comes to an end, we have some tips for you avoid an attack from one of our sharp-toothed friends. Don’t wear bling in the sea, avoid estuaries and fishing areas, and if one of the big guys circles you, make sure to keep eye contact.
If you are brave enough then you can do it watch this video shows a diver’s close call with a massive great white shark. And another video from Hawaii this week featured a woman attacked by a monk seal while swimming.
Meanwhile, in Israel, rising water temperatures have created ideal conditions for schools of beautiful but poisonous jellyfish, costing the tourism industry millions in lost revenue. look here.

bridges and trains

Europe is getting a little easier to get around. A long-awaited bridge has just opened in Croatia, connecting two parts of the country’s Adriatic coast and eliminating the need for border controls through Bosnian territory.
There are also moves to expand the continent’s high-speed rail network to provide a reliable and sustainable alternative to air travel. Here’s what the progress depends on it so far.

One step ahead

Taiwan invites visitors to shut up and listen as they stroll the world first “certified quiet hiking trail” around the country’s Cuifeng Lake. The lowest recorded volume on the trail is less than 25 decibels, so hikers can tune in to birdsong, humming instincts, frog calls and wind blowing through rustling leaves.
Further west in the Land of the Thunder Dragon — better known as Bhutan — lies the 250-mile stretch Trans Bhutan Trail opened to travelers for the first time in 60 years. The historic pilgrimage route traverses the Himalayan kingdom from its Tibetan border to the edge of India.
And to round out our month of hiking stories, here’s a look 23 of the world’s best trailsfrom Spain’s Camino de Santiago to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Aviation news

strike The blow to German national carrier Lufthansa this week saw more than 1,000 flights canceled and more than 130,000 passengers affected.
Texas carrier Southwest Airlines has had a better week for customer relations, announcing that starting July 28, all of its airline coupons will be mailed valid forever.
And finally, a recalcitrant passenger on a Virgin Atlantic plane from London to Los Angeles caused the flight diverted to Salt Lake City; The 39-year-old man is said to have tried to bite a fellow passenger.


Iceland has underground volcanic springs to thank for its endless supplies of geothermal water. Here are the best swimming spots to enjoy them all year round.

In case you missed it

A pilot captured video of a mysterious red glow over the Pacific Ocean.

Since the Cold War, warning sirens have been sounding regularly throughout France.

Colorado-based start-up Boom Supersonic has unveiled the new design of its supersonic jet.

It is overture The ship is expected to fly its first passengers before the end of the decade.

Snack Choices

Growling tummies are a risk when traveling, but eating on the go isn’t always easy. Greasy, sticky fingers, melted chocolate, or mashed treats — it’s a big, old problem. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN product rating and recommendation guide, voted for it 24 of the best travel snacks take with you on your next vacation.


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