Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the queen of the hills is one of the hot picks for any tourist while selecting a holiday destination in a hill station. Located in the Garhwal Hills, this place peeps out like a paradise from the top of the hill. There are hosts of places to visit in Mussoorie and you will love visiting them. This a popular tourist places in Uttarakhand that has plenty of things to offer to everyone. It is an excellent idea to plan a trip and check out the amazing Mussoorie places to visit. You will just love it.

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Happy Valley, Mussoorie

It is located at a distance of 2 km from the Library Bus Terminal and stretches out in the outskirts of Mussoorie. It is home to lots of Tibetan refugees, and the place is beautiful because of its amazing surroundings. This is one of the top tourist places in Mussoorie that you will enjoy visiting.

Gun Hill, Mussoorie

This is a place of deep historical significance. The place reminds of history of the pre-independence era. A canon was fired from the top of the hill every afternoon. The main purpose was to assist people in knowing time. This is one of the interesting places to see in Mussoorie and offers amazing views.

Mussoorie Lake, Mussoorie

It is located about 6 km towards the city of Dehradun. The lake is calm and serene and offers plenty of opportunities to the tourists and locals for boating. Lots of birds can also be found in the lake offering a great view to the nature lovers.

Lal Tibba, Mussoorie

Commonly known as the Red Hill, it is the highest peak in Mussoorie. The place has a serious military presence and therefore, access to the entire part of the hill is restricted. However, tourists can still experience some of the picturesque views from the locations making it one of the amazing Mussoorie places to see. From here to go for trek to Nag Tibba, consider most fascinating treks in Uttarakhand.

Cloud’s End, Mussoorie

This is the ending point in Mussoorie, and is easily reached from Happy Valley. The fascinating and picturesque beauty of the place attracts tourists from different corners of the world. There are lots of Mussoorie sightseeing opportunities here, and you should not miss them out at any cost.

Municipal Garden, Mussoorie

Primarily this garden was known as Company Bagh. Located in the Happy Valley Region, it houses plenty of flowers of different species. As a result, it makes the entire place beautiful and appealing attracting the attention of large numbers of tourists. It also offers a perfect place for family retreat making it the top Mussoorie sightseeing places.

Jwala Devi Temple, Mussoorie

Situated at an elevation of 2100 m above the sea level, this is a popular religious destination in Mussoorie and offers good opportunities for sightseeing in Mussoorie. It is located at the top of Benog Hill the path to the temple is indeed beautiful surrounded by thick pine and deodar forests. The fascinating views of the Yamuna Valley and Shivalik ranges are also available from the temple.

Landour, Mussoorie

It is a small cantonment town that is contiguous with Mussoorie and is about 35km from the city of Dehradun. It is located in the lower western Himalayas and offer spectacular views of the entire landscape of the region. This is one of the major reasons for which it is one of the must place to visit in Mussoorie. As there are hosts of beautiful and natural Mussoorie tourist places, it is best to make a list of the top places. Make sure that you make a plan and come to this place for these attractions. Otherwise, you are seriously missing out some of the amazing attractions in this location.

Places to Visit around Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

The Kempty Falls is one of the best place to visit Mussoorie. Its situated on the hilly tracts of Uttarakhand. Its located at 13 km from Mussoorie. This is one of the best sightseeing in Mussoorie.

Library Bazaar, Mussoorie

Library Bazaar or Gandhi Chowk is situated near vicinity of old library. This library exhibits history and heritage.  It was constructed in mid- 19 century. This is one of the best places to visit in Mussorie.

Camels Back Rd, Mussoorie

Camel Back Rd provides the beautiful experience of peaceful walk under the nature. This is most popular road in Mussorie.

SOS Children’s Village Mussoorie-Happy Valley, Mussoorie

Happy Valley is popular for housing IAS Academy, Tibetan temples and Municipal Garden. This valley lies on the western side of Library Point. This is one of the best place to visit in Mussoorie.

Christ Church, Mussoorie

Christ Church is one of the oldest church in Mussoorie. The christ Church was constructed in 1836. This is so interesting and best place to see in Mussoorie.

Company Bagh, Mussoorie

The Company Garden also known as Company Bagh is best place for sightseeing and relaxing for the day. Its one of the British Styled Garden in Mussoorie. This is very beautiful and amazing place to visit in Mussoorie.

Lake Mist, Mussoorie

The Lakemist resort is located in a valley on the hills of Mussoorie. Its famous for its amazing view of mountains and natural waterfalls. This is one of the best sightseeing points in Mussoorie.

Jawahar Aquarium, Mussoorie

Jawahar Aquarium is the first aquarium of Mussoorie. It has eight tanks with an amazing collection of tropical fishes, tiny sharks and red piranhas. This is a most popular place to visit in Mussoorie.

Kellogg Memorial Church, Mussoorie

The Kellogg’s Memorial Church or Presbyterian Church, It was built in 1903. The name of this church derives from Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Kellogg. This is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie.

Bhatta Fall, Mussoorie

Bhatta Fall is situated at 7 km from Mussoorie. Its very beautiful point in Mussoorie. This is the best sightseeing point in Mussoorie.

Picture Palace, Mussoorie

The Picture Palace is most popular and one of the first 5D movie theatre across India. The first one is in Mussoorie.

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