The best travel camera in 2022

The best compact and portable cameras for travelling

The best travel camera in 2022: compact and portable cameras to take anywhere

The finest travel camera will be tiny, light, and simple to use, with a variety of useful functions.

The finest travel cameras mix mobility with modern capabilities so you can capture all the beautiful things you see no matter where you go in the globe. If you’re going on vacation, the last thing you want to bring is a lot of gear, therefore the camera and lenses/lenses should be light. Whether you’re shooting photos, videos, or a combination of the two, there are a variety of small mirrorless cameras that won’t take up much space but will generate considerably higher-quality footage than your smartphone.

Any camera may be used as a trip camera, but these are the ones we recommend.

Even while the top camera phones may generate excellent photographs, you won’t obtain the same level of quality as you would with one of the greatest point-and-shoots or mirrorless cameras. Smartphones are limited by tiny sensors and low-power flashes, which means they perform poorly in low light and the flash is frequently insufficient.

Regardless of whether you want to acquire a mirrorless or small system, cameras offer far greater zoom capabilities. While the zoom range on small cameras is fixed, some can reach to 700mm on mirrorless systems.


1) Image quality: You want to be able to show off your trips as much as possible, and a decent compact or mirrorless camera will create far higher quality photographs than your phone.

2) Zoom range: Long-range zooms are popular, but they can be hefty. For catching the views, a wide-angle, wide-aperture zoom may be preferable.

3) Size and weight: Get a compact if you want something that fits in your pocket, but a mirrorless system is more adaptable if you don’t mind carrying a backpack.

4) Simplicity: Don’t want to deal with complicated camera settings? Most current cameras, especially compacts, include a complete auto option that reduces stress.

5) Price: The cameras on our list are affordable, but if price is your primary concern, see our recommendations to the best inexpensive cameras and the best camera discounts.

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