Montana #SoloTravel – 5 Ideas for Awesome Road Trips

5 Ideas for Awesome Road Trips

5 Ideas for Awesome Road Trips

If you’re looking for the tranquility of a clean streams in the mountain or excitement of a vibrant town, you can locate a unique solo getaway in Montana. Consider getaways in areas like Billings, Flathead Lake, Missoula, Great Falls, and Bozeman to take part in activities like a fly-fishing adventure, a tour of an amazing museum, or food exploration.


A handful of American airports will captivate the eyes of passengers through an aircraft window, and there’s an airport in Billings. It is perched on the Rimrocks with its river-carved cliffs Billings Logan International Airport surprises guests who are new to the area with stunning blazes of gold sandstone as well as expansive views that overlook The Yellowstone River Valley.

You could hike almost on the tarmac. Rimrocks are blessed with a variety of trails and parks. The views are spectacular from the Four Dances Recreation Area.

A trek through the Rims can also lead towards Pictograph Cave State Park, where faded pictographs tell the history that tell the tales of Native Americans who called Pictograph Cave as well as the nearby caves approximately 2,000 years ago.

For a glimpse of the more recent history of the area visit the historic 1903 Moss Mansion which is a magnificent three-story residence built for Preston Boyd Moss, a bank director and entrepreneur who was instrumental in helping to create Billings. Explore the past and culture at The Yellowstone County Museum and the Yellowstone Art Museum, which is home to Western art and iconic photos dating from the late 1800s.

In the evening, grab tables in the Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill for a meal such as Montana Wagyu beef, smoked trout tacos and local hard cider served inside a spacious brick-lined room.


Western Montana’s innovative campus is full of museums, bookstores and international cuisine. Although many people come here to fish, and outfitters such as Front Street’s Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop will be happy to provide you with equipment guidebooks and other advice — the University of Montana sets the style for a city also full of arts and culture.

Book lovers will enjoy independent bookstores such as Fact & Fiction and The Book Exchange. The vibrant music scene in the city features the 15 member String Orchestra of the Rockies. People who love art should check out the modern Native American art collection at the Missoula Art Museum.

Spend some time enjoying the beauty of Missoula’s natural surroundings and beauty, too. There is a Clark Fork River runs through the historic district of the city, along with it’s Riverfront Trail makes pleasant strolling. Go to Caras Park to see the beautiful Carousel for Missoula built from a cabinetmaker in the area using the assistance of volunteers.

Explore Missoula’s vibrant culinary and brewing scene with locations like Big Sky Brewing Company Taproom that serves great Huckleberry Blonde Ale, along with Plonk Missoula, dishing true art pieces like the octopus and shrimp ceviche served with avocado whipped.


The region of Northwest Montana, Flathead Lake is the most expansive freshwater reservoir, has an impressive almost 188 miles of coastline. Begin your journey with a visit to the artsy Bigfork and plan your journey with a cappuccino or eggs Benedict at the Pocketstone Cafe.

After breakfast, choose from a summer’s worth of outdoor activities–kayaking, swimming, fishing, rafting, hiking–then add in fine dining, gallery hopping, and boutique shopping. On the other hand, you can make yourself hungry by taking on the Swan River Nature Trail and watching kayakers have fun in this river’s “Wild mile.” You can also visit any of the state parks which make up Flathead Lake State Park. Flathead Lake State Park system. Wayfarers State Park, located near Bigfork is renowned for its views of sunsets.

pedestrian walking through waterGiant Springs State Park. Photo: Visit Montana


Great Falls’ most defining geographic feature is the majestic Missouri River. Start your trip by visiting the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Centre, which is situated on a bluff overlooking the river. The two-story diorama in the center describes the hardships faced by the explorers during their 18-mile long trek up and over the cliffs, waterfalls and soaring cliffs.

It is believed that the Lewis and Clark expedition discovered another amazing water feature of Great Falls. It is one of the most impressive freshwater springs in the United States. A little less than a mile from the center for interpretive purposes, look for their discovery at Giant Springs State Park, in which gushing water flows out of an underground aquifer, at a number of 156 billion gallons every day.

The C.M. Russell Museum downtown holds the largest collection of paintings by Russell artifacts, sculptures, and bronze sculptures–bucking horsesand buffalo hunts and tribes. It also houses the letters and belongings from “America’s Cowboy Artist.”

Get your fill at the Roadhouse Diner, which serves celebrity-quality diner chow, such as Black bean or Montana-grown beef hamburgers served on freshly baked buns before heading 15 miles to the west of the city to see First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. Visit the amazing interpretive center , or take an excursion with a guide to view the ancient teepee rings as well as pictographs, petroglyphs and petroglyphs.


Bozeman’s stunning panoramas of the Bridger, Madison, and Gallatin ranges are authentic Montana Downtown beats with a snarky vibe. Old buildings house hip bars, enticing art galleries as well as cutting-edge restaurants. The city’s growing population requires – and gets a mountain-air lifestyle along with modern luxuries.

Montana State University contributes to the city’s vitality. Within the MSU campus is it is home to the Smithsonian Affiliate Museum of the Rockies is home to a world-renowned collection of dinosaur bones. It includes 26-foot Big Al, one of the largest and most complete Allosaurus skulls ever discovered in the world, and also an amazing selection of eggs from dinosaurs.

In the heart of Grand Avenue, the Emerson Center is the center of Bozeman’s growing art scene. It houses more than 30 galleries and art studios with handmade Montana artwork, sculptures, pottery, paintings and glasswork.

Nearby’s there is Jam!, where the corned beef hash draws a lot of people who love it however the main reason to get your name on the wait list is for the pancakes. For dinner, enjoy wine with a pizza made by hand at Blackbird Kitchen. The pies are elevated, including the primavera topped with scallions as well as the smoked the chevre.

A little over 10 miles to the from Bozeman, Hyalite Canyon offers biking and hiking trails and fishing at Hyalite Reservoir. Just an hour to the south of Bozeman, Montana’s biggest skiing resort is Big Sky Resort, offers summer activities like riding mountain bikes, zipping and hiking through an area that is framed by the 10,000-foot peaks.

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