9 Most Colorful Destinations in Europe

9 Most Colorful Destinations in Europe

With colorful city centers and nostalgic sceneries, Europe is home to many colorful towns and locations. The beautiful continent is one of the most popular tourists attractions in the world and its colorful locations have a big share of this.

Looking for the best colorful locations in Europe? Or searching for the list of the most colorful places in Europe? Find them with our guidebook on the top 9 most colorful destinations in Europe.

Let’s know the top 9 most colorful destinations in Europe

Reykjavik, Iceland

The northernmost European capital city, Reykjavik also the smallest city in Europe. Although the city sees barren to many travelers there is a colorful warmth inside it. Making this compact city a beautiful and dearly site for the locals of Iceland.

The colorful city space of the capital city is a strong proof for the above statement. This town is a hidden European gem with houses painted in different colors. If you looking for a colorful yet unique traveling destination, then you must consider visiting Iceland’s capital.

Burano Island, Italy

A perfect retreat for travelers who love spending time on islands, Burano Island is the ideal choice. The home to the clear sparkling waters and the Venetian Lagoon, Burano is one of the most colorful islands in Europe.

Being a popular tourist attraction Burano is famous for two unique reasons. Firstly, the island is a lace-making tradition, and other than this; it is the home of distinctively painted houses. And all of these houses are painted in vibrant colors helping the island shine and look gorgeous. The reason behind these colorful homes is that earlier fisherman used to paint their houses with unique and bright colors. Thus, they can easily see their house from the seashores and won’t worry about it while catching the fish.

Notting Hill, London

A colorful and beautiful location in London, Notting Hill is among the most colorful destination in London. Take a flight from USA to London to roam the pastel streets of the city. This beautiful sight is a great background for an Instagram feed-worthy picture in London as it seems charming to the eyes.

The place owns beautiful streets leading to some beautiful houses all painted in lively but distinct colors. Try visiting here during the Portobello Road Market to explore the location while doing some cheap shopping. This market in London is best to buy books, owns compact cafes, and independent designer boutiques.

Juzcar, Spain

A subtle and beautiful mix of blue and green colors, Juzcar is a natural beauty. The houses in this beautiful city are painted in vibrant blue color and are covered with luscious greens. Providing a different and unique aesthetic to the city, Juzcar holds a unique Spanish charm.

Well, do you know that Juzcar houses were originally white? Yes, and there is an interesting story that how a white village got all blue in 2011. This happened when Sony Pictures decided to paint an all-white village to all blue to promote the Smurf 3D film.

Wroclaw Old Town, Poland

Take direct flights to Poland from USA to land at the beautiful Polish city, Wroclaw. Filled with surprises this Polish destination has never failed to surprise its travelers. Wroclaw isn’t only a popular travel attraction in Poland but it is also the 4th largest city in the country. And it is a subtle yet joyful mix of Polish traditions, culture, cuisine, history, and youth.

And Wroclaw Old Town is the best way of present this subtle yet elegant Polish mix to you. The town is here for centuries and has a long and rich Polish history attached to it. This town is a perfect visit for travelers who are looking for both a colorful and a historic European site.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The popular and well-known Italian site, Cinque Terre is a collection of 5 beautiful and colorful villages. A great place to grab optimum sunlight and relax in the lap of nature, this Italian town is popular among travelers.

The houses in the town have rainbow color terraces that shine like jewels when coming in contact with the direct sunlight. Here, you will get to enjoy colorful beauty at a slower pace of life. Moreover, the colorful Italian city is perfect for an Instagram-worthy picture.

Longyearbyen, Norway

The home to everything special and everything magical, Longyearbyen makes you feel like living in a Disney movie. This beautiful town of Norway stays covered with a thick layer of snow that works to enhance its beauty.

Here you can find everything from free-roaming reindeers, colorful houses, and unnamed streets. This town in Norway allows its travelers to get purposely lost and find new mystical beginnings. However, the sun doesn’t rise here for 4 months but that doesn’t help to decrease the beauty of the location.

Procida Island, Italy

If you are in love with pastel colors, then you will adore a town fully painted in them. And that’s what Procida Island, Italy offers to its visitors along with a wonderful getaway. The home to the Gulf of Naples, this Italian island is popular in Europe as well as the world.

Easily, the most colorful Italian destination, Prodica Island is a paradise for island lovers. This compact island has many ancient buildings painted with pink, blue, and yellow colors.

Menton, France

Menton is the place where France meets Italy most beautifully and subtly possible. A popular traveling site across Europe, Menton is residing at the feet of the sparkling Alps. Sharing the most amazing views with its travelers, Menton has a beautiful seaside to it as well. Popular for providing better experiences than the tourists are waiting for this city is your ticket to enter the Mediterranean world.

If you aren’t a fan of snowy winters or sunny summers, you will adore the slightly sunny weather of the city. Here you can explore many things and enjoy the bohemian style of clothing and living. Moreover, the island is the home to beautifully designed mansions with beautiful tropical gardens. Read This Topic – How to Make Traveling Safe During COVID-19

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