5 Best Video Types for Travel Industry


Travel is one of the most sought activities in the world. Unlike other communal activities, traveling is a lifetime experience for many people. Traveling across cities (or countries) can broaden one’s perspective, accept new cultures, as well as learn something entirely new. 

Today, travel videos can be found practically everywhere. The advent of social media has fueled a new batch of travelers to start on their journey. This surge of travelers is often caused by a single travel video they discover on social platforms.  

However, travel marketing videos have now turned completely boring. They are all the same generic video displaying destination views with a brief explanation about the place. 

Whether you realize it or not, many travel videos are now very hard to distinguish from each other since they showcase almost the same thing. 

Before your audience becomes tired of watching a similar video over again, check out these types of video content marketing for your travel industry. 

1. Explainer videos

When it comes to introducing your travel business, having explainer videos is mandatory. Unlike typical corporate videos, this type of video content conveys your brand’s message in a meaningful way. Your viewers won’t ever feel bored watching travel explainers.

What’s more, explainer videos are great for showcasing your travel agency, introducing the tourism spot, etc. Hence, making them an excellent branded video to reach out to potential customers. 

You can include compelling animation using explainer video to deliver your message even better. With the addition of cool narration, you can hook people to use your agency as their travel partner. 

2. Destination videos

If the explainer video talks more about your business professionally, the destination video is all about the place you’re going to offer to your potential customers. 

This video content can be quite tricky as other travel agencies use the same strategy. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop making destination content to attract clients. 

Make sure to shoot the video differently. Try capturing visuals from a new angel that most people won’t even notice at first glance. You might as well introduce a hidden gem of a tourist spot that other agencies don’t include on their videos. 

3. Testimonial videos

One of the practical approaches to get new clients is by collecting customer reviews as social proof. When people see how others enjoy using your travel service, they won’t hesitate to contact you in the hope of receiving the same experience. 

Your audience can quickly notice it if many people have left a great comment on your business. They can feel the excitement through other people’s words on your videos. 

That’s why it’s important to include your clients’ testimonials in your marketing video to attract new customers. 

4. Behind-the-scene videos

This video content is quite unique compared to other videos on this list. The behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos showcase your company’s effort, the unnoticeable work behind the door that people don’t know.  

That’s how BTS videos become undeniably interesting for most people. They can learn something new and the process behind your stunning travel videos.    

5. Infographic videos

The infographic within a video can help your viewers find the correct information way easier. Many travel agencies use this style of video content as a guide for customers to get detailed information in an entertaining way.

You can include information, such as travel packages, accommodation, tourist spots, and itineraries. With this information, your audience will find it easier to plan their travel without repeatedly asking the agency representative. 

There are many types of video marketing that fit your travel business. If you’re looking for an excellent video style for your agency, find out more on the infographic below. 


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