Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Chopta Chandrashila trek

Chopta Chandrashila Deoriatal is the gateway to Himalayas’ colourful and vibrant spring. A much-loved trek for mountain climbers of all kinds, this trek blesses your eyes with blossoms, especially rhododendrons, during summer when the winter is about hazy, you could catch a glimpse of snow around. This trek has an altitude of 12,083 ft and the base village for the trek is Sari. Throughout the trek, you will witness the Chandrashila Peak, and pass by the Deoriatal lakeside. The major attraction of the trek is awestruck views of the summit, calmness, and warmth of the forest, which is a treat for all mountain lovers. You could be a nature lover, amateur in bird watching, or a shutterbug who just loves capturing the beautiful views from the highlands, Chopt Chandrashila trek disappoints none.

Difficulty Level

This beautiful trek has a difficulty level rated as easy to moderate because the trail passes through forests and meadows, and that makes it quite tricky for the trekkers sometimes.

Best time to visit

Chopta Chandrashila can be done for almost 6 months in the year. This trek can be done in the spring season starting from March and April. The trek can also be done in autumn which continues till December. After December, Chopta receives heavy snowfall and the road is cut off due to snow. The roads become highly prone to verglas which makes driving here dangerous. It is highly unadvisable to visit Chopta Chandrashila in January and February.

Trek time

Climbing from Chopta to the Chandrashila peak takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Trail information

Our trail starts from Sari village and from here we move to Deoriatal. From Deoria Tal we moved to Chopta. The trail is filled with little shrines that stand tall in the lush green fields as the red and yellow flags tied on them makes them stand out. After crossing a forest clearing we directly move up toward an ascending path which leads us to Rohini Bugyal and Chopta. Shortly after, you will re-enter the forest filled by old oaks and maple alongside rhododendrons. This is a part of the Kedarnath Sanctuary. After 25 minutes of trekking in the Kedarnath Sanctuary trail, you will come across the Bagdwal temple. This is a point for three trek routes. One takes you to Sari village, another to Ukhimath, and the one in the center takes you to the meadows of Rohini Bugyal. Along this line, you will also find Chandrashila.

You will find a cluster of huts as you move up. A little far from here, you will find a road head at the margin of the trail of a jungle. In this area of Chopta village, you can camp for the night.

The trail continues the next day and is filled with steep climbing challenges with sharp turns. You will soon get a clear vision of a connecting peak to Chandrashila as you continue the trail. The route to the peak of Chandrashila bends from behind the temple complex. At the end of a steep climb, the summit will be reached with a breathtaking view of the Garhwal and Kumaon mountains. Notable peaks in this panoramic view consist of Nanda Devi, Trishul, Chaukhamba, Dronagiri, Nanda Ghunti And Kedar. The downhill journey is much less time consuming and easier. It will take about 3 hours only to descend down.


• sight-seeing

• Camping

• Bird watching

• Enjoying local culture and food

• Bonfire and Music

Precautions and Essentials

•Good trekking shoes are a must to ensure a comfortable and smooth trekking experience.

• Wear light and comfortable clothes.

• Carry woolen clothes.

• Alcohol consumption and smoking are highly inadvisable.

• You should stay in a group as there are wild animals in the forests.

• Flashlight with extra batteries

• Complete trekking gear

• ID proof is a must for all trekkers

• Bring along some water and food with yourself.

• Carry a double strap backpack, sling bags are not recommended.

•Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

• For emergencies carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes.

• Carry minimum weight.

• Don’t litter.

• Stay with the group and don’t wander on your own.

• Take care of your luggage.

• Carry your medicines if any.

• Carry your camera and mobile phones at your own risk.

• Don’t endanger your life while trying to click risky pictures.

Chopta Chandrashila trek is a combination of everything a trekker is looking for or desiring in his or her backpacking trip. This trek has everything from mesmerizing scenic views to rare gifts of flora and fauna that will take you by surprise. Hence, making this trip an ideal one for both nature lovers and adventure lovers.

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